Wimbledon: Djokovic:

The Serbian enters the Olympus of tennis equaling the 20 Grand Slams of the Spanish and the Swiss.

Djokovic with the Wimbledon trophy.AFP
  • Chronic Djokovic wins his 20th Grand Slam against Berrettini and climbs on the altar of Federer and Nadal
  • Feminine Barty gets his second big by beating Pliskova in a final dominated by emotions

Novak Djokovic continues to climb in the history of tennis and the grass of the All England Club has seen, for the sixth time, how it lifted the trophy on Sunday. After a game that went from less to more, where even Matteo berrettini gave the scare winning the first set, ‘Nole’ knew how to rebuild and get his best version to recover the grand prize: “Winning Wimbledon was always the greatest dream growing up and I do not want to take this title for granted because it is a huge honor. Seven years I built the trophy with materials that I found at home and now I’m here, it’s incredible. “

The number 1 in the world has once again shown that he has very few holes in his tennis and has taken the definitive step that has boosted him to tie with two sports myths such as Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer. With this Wimbledon, Djokovic is at the height of both with 20 Grand slams and it only has one goal. “The only thing this title means is that none of the three will stop. I have to recognize their work as legends and they are the reason why I am here,” he recognized excitedly.

The curiosity of this final was located precisely in this troop of champions, traveling companions in a golden era that seems not to be extinguished at the moment and that has allowed Djokovic progress to unsuspected limits, which make him a fearsome opponent: “They have shown me what I have to do to improve physically and mentally by losing many games. Something changed in early 2011 and the last few years have been impressive.”

With the trophy in his hands, the Serbian can celebrate, but with his sights set on the Tokyo Olympics and the US Open, where he could close the circle and get the big four in the same year as they already did. Don budge Y Rod Laver. Almost nothing.