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Wimbledon: Alcaraz’s metamorphosis on the grass: “It was me”

The Spanish tennis player manages to reach the third round of a British tournament for the first time, making 16 precise climbs over the net from 24 attempts.

Carlos Alcaraz during the match against Grixpour.Andy RenEFE

The plasticity of the image, its point of exposure and accuracy, the firm right hand, the watchful eye on execution, the left hand up, academically accelerating the pace, provides accurate estimates to the tennis player who first sneaked into the Wimbledon final. In the sixteenth round. Not that Carlos Alcaraz has mutated into a consummate practitioner of the great art of volley, but it is true that he has left a more recognizable stamp in relation to the player who in his wrathful season has made proper waves of passion. is picking up. ,

It was me, I left as an exact sentence, recently occupied by the microphone on Court 2, Talon Grixpour was already out of the game, which I took 6-4, 7-6 (0) and Finished in over 6-3. hours. Against five sets after a delicate landing in debut match Jan-Lenart Struff, some doubts, the Spaniard reminds us closely of his victories in Miami, Madrid, Rio and Barcelona, ​​greatness, also of his quarterfinals at the United States Open last year, the same record a few weeks ago at Roland Garros, a determined, courageous The halo of a tennis player who enjoys playing with a playful attitude. If on debut he admitted that he was refused after a few unsuccessful attempts to exert himself with serve and volley, if then we saw very little of him on tape, on occasion, as Grass’s theory suggests. Of course, he left to be defined 24 times online, 16 of them with happy endings.

Yes, it was the jovial tennis player who casts dream drops like a fine magician. Every second spent on the tennis court entertains me. And that’s how the results come, he added to the ratification of his indivisible ideology. previous loss zivariv The quarter-finals in Paris, where he reached the pace of two consecutive titles in Barcelona and Madrid, with the dimension of his victories in the Magic Box against Nadal, Djokovic and Zverev, and with the physical problems in his right elbow that he could win the Queens A man who was brought down by him had lost some luster, which should not be forgotten, he has just turned 19 years old.

Even 30 aces against Struff did not bring back the well-deserved reputation of the early part of the season. It didn’t take shiny numbers to turn your head and earn credit against Grixpur. Alcaraz is still a newborn on the grass, but it is clear that he will move as soon as possible with the same skill he already does on the ground or on cement.

“I want more hours on the track”

I was feeling comfortable on Court 2. Obviously, the first game [el pasado lunes, en la 1] It was played indoors. It was really different. I noticed the slow court. But I need more hours on track to feel better, he explained at a press conference.

It is easy to spot those who claim future in such a unique area. In addition to natural conditions, with a serve that usually responds to his call under relevant circumstances, as was the resolution of the first two sets, with two direct actions, he has a tendency to adapt to the specific conditions of the game. And do it with all naturalness. Nor does his pulse tremble when it comes to getting up with the rest, because he knows it’s just an initial hit in a place where everything happens too quickly.

Grixpour, 53, tried different ways. When he saw that switching balls was not working for him, he opted for a more direct offer, but he did not get much benefit from reaching the tiebreaker, where he finished for naught. Only a slight distraction from the Spanish in the third set prevented an even faster result. He recovered quickly and is already waiting for 36-year-old German Oscar Otte, a recent semifinalist in Stuttgart and Halle.

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