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Wimbledon: A devil is open: Nick Kyrgios challenges Novak Djokovic to a grand final

Australian debut in a ‘Major’ final match against the six-time champion of the tournament. Irresistible and aggressive, adds 120 ‘aces’ and arms to try to win.

Kyrgios works up against Garn in the quarter.alastair grantAP

Each in their own way, the two Wimbledon finalists share an irreverent approach to the sport. inside Establishment For many years, victorious like very few, Novak Djokovik She never ceased to embody the rebellious and often grumpy tennis player who was unable to win the admiration of the majority of fans. a Nick Kyrgios, a man who is almost outside the law, his brash and laid-back attitude hasn’t stopped him from garnering many sympathies. “I fill stadiums wherever I go. The media love to write that I’m bad for the game, but that’s not the case,” defends the Greek-born Australian, who will make his way into a tournament this Sunday. Will play the first individual final. 4:00 PM, Let’s Go) Grand Slam.

Perhaps if, at age 27, with almost a decade on the circuit, he presented an excellent resume, the general impression would be different, but, ultimately, with only six ATP titles, none of them even in the Masters 1000 category. Not there. , and achieved a prominence for the most part by his voluptuous character and often moving within the confines of regulation and in good manners, Kyrgios is still seen as a loser, a bad boy flaunting his undeniable talent. Unable to capitalize on what inspires understanding.

“He’s far more intelligent than fans can imagine. Everything he does has a single intention: to knock his opponent out of the game. In his mind, things work pretty well on a tactical level. He knows.” That’s how to draw lessons out of each match,” he remarks. This newspaper in a telephone conversation Pepe Vendrellthe coach Christian GarneyHis opponents in the quarter-finals of the tournament.

complaint of misconduct

Kyrgios played that match 24 hours after his ex-girlfriend, Chiara Pasari, file a complaint alleging abuse of them in Australia. Undoubtedly, this is the most serious disdain that falls upon him, who is used to acting in brash and unrestrained behavior, as was the case against him in the third round match. stephanos sitipasOne of the episodes of a duel goes well beyond the baseline when he spits at an onlooker.

Djokovic thanks him in press conference after semi-final loss Cameron NorrieHis support at the last Australian Open, when the Serbian was taken under storm for refusing to be vaccinated against Covid. noelleJoe is looking for his seventh Wimbledon, where he has won 27 consecutive wins and hasn’t lost since July 12, 2017, when he retired due to injury in the quarter-finals. Thomas Berdychknows that it will not be easy for him to even tie the twenty-first Grand Slam, with which he will be one of them Rafael Nadal,

Kyrgios has defeated him both times: in the quarterfinals in Acapulco and in the round of 16 at Indian Wells, both in 2017, both without giving up a set. It is clear that we are in a very different position, a final that will be thirty-two seconds of a Grand Slam for Belgrade, already more than a Roger Federer and two above Nadal, and that the Australian had never made it to the quarterfinals in a competition in this category, but his quality is undeniable.

It is much more intelligent than some imagine. On a tactical level in his mind, things work out very well

Pepe Vendrell, coach of Christian Garn, rivals him in the quarterfinals

“Sometimes he loses control, but at any time he can break the bank,” Wendrell continues. “He has matured into an environment of trust, he is well surrounded, he takes better care of himself, he rests better. Nothing happens by chance. A year and a half ago he was not ready, he was out of shape “

This 120. is with aces, the tournament leader in that record. “With the serve he makes the difference. He has the variability and accuracy with both the first and second. Plus, he’s better than the rest, he plays you. It’s true that he’s being measured against one.” An extraordinary comeback like Djokovic, but if he finds rhythm with his serve, I see him with match-winning options”, says Vendrell. The Canberra players, who do not have a coach, are accompanied by their physical trainer. Will Maherohis father, giorgosHis mother, Zerohis brothers, Christos You halimahhis girlfriend, costen hatzick22 year old model and business woman, and her manager, Daniel Horsfall,

Kyrgios, injured in the final without playing against Nadal, appeared in society eight years ago, when he reached the quarter-finals of the tournament as a guest, from 144th place, leaving the Spaniard on the way. Now he is ready to embody the outstanding qualities in a big way.

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