Home Sport Why does CVC want to invest 2,700 million in Laliga?

Why does CVC want to invest 2,700 million in Laliga?

Why does CVC want to invest 2,700 million in Laliga?

Marc Menchén, financial specialist, reveals the keys to the controversial settlement that Actual Madrid has denounced.

Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga.REUTERS
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The Actual Madrid has gone a step additional in its struggle in opposition to the settlement reached by LaLiga and the CVC fund. An settlement that have to be validated on Thursday by the 42 golf equipment that compete within the First and Second Division. The presiding entity Florentino Pérez threatens to take authorized motion, each civil and legal, in opposition to the president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, the individual accountable for the CVC fund, Jaime Guijarro, and the fund itself.

LaLiga, in the meantime, responds that they’ve well timed authorized affirmation that the undertaking enjoys most compliance with the authorized system. And, each Thebes and the physique itself, accuse the president of the Actual Madrid of systematically resorting to threatening strategies.

Now, what’s it that has led the highest Madrid chief to observe this plan of action? “I attribute it both to the fact that it has been their usual policy to challenge any LaLiga agreement that they consider could subtract income or promote greater competitiveness. Over the last few years the gap has been narrowing, as well as the fact that this agreement, which validates a 50-year LaLiga project and sends a message to the investment community that there is a fund, one of the largest and most important in the world, that is betting in the long term on the Spanish League. it means that he does not see real risks to this competition and, therefore, he does not see the viability of the Super League as proposed by Real Madrid, “he says. Marc Menchén, financial journalist specialised on the earth of sports activities, founding father of the online Box23 and present director of 2Playbook.

“Accepting it is accepting that you are going to continue 50 years in the League. And that, within the current context, regarding the reconfiguration of the productive economy in Europe, would be a message that would not fit with what they are proposing that football It should attract more attention, with more quality matches. And, above all, that LaLiga’s agreement with CVC goes against its argument that the national leagues, with their structure, do not have scalability with their current format. Fundamentally, what the agreement does is throw to the ground everything that Real Madrid and Barcelona have defended with the Super League in recent months, “he highlights.

CVC’s financial proposal

Joan Laporta, president of Barcelona, ​​for instance, additionally complained final week that the financial proposal was not sufficient. “I do not know if it is a lot or a little. What is certain is that it is the only figure that there is, which is higher than the one that was handled with the agreement that was going to be closed with Serie A, which in the end fell, and that It is practically very similar to what the Super League offered, “Menchén factors out. “LaLiga has also sent the clubs a report from an investment bank in which, by various calculation systems and others, it is shown that the valuation of the agreement is higher than what many of the methods commonly used say. to determine it, “he provides.

What, then, is it that leads a fund like CVC to launch itself into the world of sports activities? “Investors consider that football will always be an attractive product for televisions. CVC has owned MotoGP and Formula 1, two events that despite being international, have had their great growth in specific countries. In the case of soccer, they see that their great products are the national leagues, and there are only five major leagues. If you market them in other countries where their championship is not particularly strong, you have a very great business opportunity, “insists Menchén.

“The Super League would pose a problem of competitiveness in the medium or long term for the rest of the teams. If winning the League is no longer worth anything, it will be more difficult for them to retain great players. If there is no incentive, the player will move alone and exclusively for money “, sentence.