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Vuelta a Espaa: Carapaz finally smiles at Vuelta and Spaniards fail to upset Evenpole

The Ecuadorian, normally off the hook, receives his first victory in the Spanish round. Enrique Maas and Carlos Rodriguez attacked the Belgian, who fell in the middle of the podium, but were unsuccessful.

Carapaz celebrates his victory at Matar Blancas.Xavier LizonEFE
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i was getting one trip to spain too weird for Richard Carapazzi, champion of Italy spin in 2019 and olympic gold Spain’s soil was not grateful to him in 2021. He had never been victorious on any stage in our country… until he reached the top white peas, marked in red on the Ecuadorian calendar after leaving the group of favorites after several weeks. With his position in the pack far behind in the overall standings, the principled leader of INEOS I knew there was only one way to change the image I was putting into the race: winning. Convinced of this and having tried it on the high mountain stages in Asturias, he came to Many more genius leaks of the day and completed the victory by attacking in the final kilometer of the ascent of Peas Blancas. Vuelta 2022. twelfth stage of takes his name.

Malaga Peak, with Eternal and thick climb of 19 kmcrowned a flat but very long way salty, 192.7 kilometer effort That the runners completed ahead of schedule, maintaining an electric pace that some of the favorites showed in the final stretch.

The platoon allowed a significant escape with more than 32 runner And some ‘cocks’ are embedded in it. there they were jai winewinner of two stages, or Mark SolerWho Took One From Bilbao, And Talented Cyclists Prefer Champoussin, Lutsenko or Hagen, and also the principled leaders of their teams, such as Kelderman or Carapazzi,

There was a twelve-minute gap in the escape, while the main group went quietly to the Matar Blancas. quick Stepwith a drop of alphilippe Knowing he was going to suffer on the mountain, he didn’t want to expend the extra energy, even though Kelderman, the highest rank among the escapees, was on hand. 14 mins from Evenpoeli, In addition, the Belgian suffered a fall 45 kilometers from the finish line, although it did not cause serious injuries, but it scarred his body.

He was on top of the race in 10 minutes white pea start (climbing 19 kilometres) made him aware that victory was at his feet. And this is where Carapaz grew up. Controlling the movements of his rivals, especially Kelderman, the Ecuadorian was kind enough not to go out on all attacks and wait for the right moment to accelerate. He made it two kilometers from the finish line, when fabroKelderman’s partner had already selected Fugue. The Dutchman tried to respond, but the speed Carapaz, more explosiveIt was too much for him.

Maas and Carlos Rodriguez’s efforts

Among the group of favourites, Jumbo, and especially Rohan Dennis, Rojic’s partner, left the pack with just 30 units after a busy pace of several kilometres. But when he couldn’t take it anymore, Evenpoel didn’t have a problem, The Belgian, guarded by two teammates, was pedaling well throughout the climb, including short strikes made by Enrique More, Third overall, the leader of Movistar tried it out in the final kilometer of the stage, but seeing that the leader answered firmly, he assumed that the day was not for great vanity.

Apart from Maas and Evanpol they remained Roglic, Ayuso and Carlos Rodriguez, who fought hard with two kilometres to try to leave Rogik, one of his rivals, for the podium. acceleration of almukar He failed and paid for it in the final metre, losing 11 seconds to Evanpoel, Maas, Rogick and Ayuso.

The arrival of the Vuelta in Andalusia has opened the second series of major stages of this edition. First it was Asturias, with its walls Colu Fancua and Les Preres The motile part of the general classification, and today it is in the south of the peninsula, where the peloton is encountered from the matar blancas in Estepona. pandera’s sierra saturday already Sierra Nevada on Sunday.

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