Home Sport Vini ended Lopetegui’s obsession | LaLiga Santander 2021

Vini ended Lopetegui’s obsession | LaLiga Santander 2021

 Vini ended Lopetegui's obsession |  LaLiga Santander 2021

Vinicius after his goal.AP
  • Chronic Vinicius throws a grenade to finish off Sevilla
  • In deep Bernabu crowns his new hero: “Illa, illa, illa, Vinicius marvel”

The obsessive Lopetegui he always suffers from paranoia with Madrid. He will never be able to recover from how they threw him out of the white club, after several hits and a thrashing at the Camp Nou. Every time he plays with Madrid, he poses the most abrupt, angry and absolutely crazy game to be able to get the curse out of his head. But it is his own obsession that always makes him lose.

This time, it was believed that he could at least get a point from the Bernabu. Incomprehensibly, he shoved his team behind bars in the area. For making voodoo to your situation. Not for those.

Suddenly, the unpredictable Vini, who had played a regrettable game, unable to get out of a dribble and shooting as if there were two goalkeepers, makes the play the year in Madrid. It gets inside, it helps Ocampos he slips and timidly only two defenses come in his way. At that moment, Vini, who has two goalkeepers in the head, hits the good shot and hits a slap that enters the squad. And once again, the calamity for Lopetegui, which will even affect the team a lot,

Ancelotti cheats. He says that he plays with a 4-3-3 and it is a lie, while there is that entelechy of a player like Asensio, who does not know where he plays. Madrid let themselves be dragged by a side like Acua who was a knife for the crazy Carvajal, more concerned about his end. Who wants to renew Asensio?

Then, a play on that left side, and over there Vini unexpectedly appears and gives a horse, absolutely salvageable. Is when you dial Rafa mir, with an Alaba away from his marking. There are two Sevillla players offside.

Not two minutes have passed when “crazy horse” Carvajal makes a foray into his own area. He looked like one more attacker: he provoked the Madid, who was saved from the second by the crossbar. Every time I think of Carvajal, I remember the egotistical Zidane and how he killed Achraf.

Almost 30 minutes, with a Sevilla like a man possessed, I extinguished a Madid in the first half, this time with a limited Modric and a tartan of Casemiro. The defense was held by the honor of Militao and, as if that were not enough, he made a shot on goal from Sevilla. Bono made a mistake and sang like U2 and Benzema took the opportunity.

The second part had life and ups and downs until the mystic Lopetegui got complexes and rushed to sacrifice and his own curse. He did not count – and neither do we – on the unpredictable Vini, who at the end made the difference in a match, which, as they say in boxing, very stuck, with too many clichés. But Vini, in pure unconsciousness, passes everything by way of being, as an ‘enlightened one’.

Reference from elmundo