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Villarreal presents striker Morales: “I’m going to feel sensations I haven’t experienced yet”

Madrid admitted in their presentation that it is difficult to leave a club like Villarreal who have fought in the Champions League semi-finals. It’s a challenge to see the level I can perform here, says

Morales adds a pass during Villarreal’s training at Ciudad Deportiva this Thursday.Villarreal CF

35 years old, Jose Luis Morales (Madrid, 1987) Distilled this Thursday the same smile that children show before opening presents. At his age and having experienced relegation to the second division with Levante, the club where he made a name for himself in the elite, the fast striker posed with a shirt Villarreal with the head of the unit, fernando rogo,

Morales, who has signed a contract for two seasons with the yellow entity, assured during his presentation that I saw that they wanted him to be here and the truth is that it is difficult to let a club run away. was fighting for one Champions League Semi-Finals last season. Here I will feel sensations that I have not experienced yet.

Along with his family, Morales admitted that I am very happy and satisfied to have taken this step in my career, at a Villarreal that is growing and showing that it is at the highest level and competing with the league’s greats. Is. League and EuropeI commented.

The new Yellow reinforcements comes after signing his best numbers in the past two seasons in which he scored thirteen goals in each of them and delivered eleven assists (seven in the last one and four in the last one). In I picked He indicated that I have been very important over the years and like to take on new challenges and see how far I can go and see what level I can perform in a team like Villarreal.

But it wasn’t until he got a chance to wear the Villarreal shirt, Morales went through a complicated month of June, which for the first time looked like he could renew with Levante and lead the Grenotta project which will be the First Division in 2023. Will try to come back in and leave later. whose back door has been his home since joining the subsidiary in 2011 eibarro in campaigns 13–14). They haven’t been dream vacations, they’ve been tough days and tough decisions. I wanted to set things right, so that the confusion that has been created by my departure does not arise, he confirmed.

Now with that phase closed, Morales attempts to write a new one. No one expects a club like Villarreal to call you, If he calls you because he trusts and because he’s fit to be level, added Stryker, who also revealed that when he found out Unai Emery’s team wanted him, he told his agent to do it. Made it clear that this was the first option. ,

Regarding his adaptation to the club, Morales commented that it has been a very smooth arrival, although he has barely completed three training sessions. He made everything so easy for me Teammates and coaches. I have found a locker room which has very healthy people, very nice atmosphere and who are slowly showing their help to me, he said.

On his side, Villarreal’s president Fernando Rogge welcomed him and assured him that He expects to be on the team he signed for at least two years, And I hope you are more. You know Morales very well and I hope he will help us grow in the Villarreal project, the top leader of the Castellon team indicated.

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