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Villarreal Falls overlooking Europe | LaLiga Santander 2021

Santander League 2021 – 2022

Emery’s men take a step back to enter Europe via league as they look to Liverpool in Mendizzorroza

Samu Chukwueze in the set against AlavsoVillarreal CF

It’s Complicated For Him To Enter Europe Through The League Villarreal unable to overcome a bonfires risking their lives,

Emery 2-1 . fallen with goals LaGuardia, Escalante and Chuquerez In a match in which Villarreal, who gave Regular a breather, had to take him out to save the match. The bonfire overtook at minute 4.

It’s cheap to say who repeated those at Anfield to point out who didn’t: Up to eight changes made Emery compared the match against Liverpool to face Alavs; In college Pau, Parejo and Chuquezé they jumped on the grass mendizzorroza Start after doing it in England, although this formula did not materialize in the first forty-five minutes, where Castellon’s men were indifferent at some stages, with Babazzaros having more drive.

As such, the bonfire took hold and grew into effective buildup, managing to launch several arrivals into the squad, especially from the left, using one at times. aurier that sometimes he presses on the six line, sometimes he runs down the edge to defend the punches that Luis Rioja I tried to nail biting with every attempt.

A corner thus embodied, when charged, stabilized the eyes of Emery’s defenders and bonfire attackers, passing the leather a meter and a half above the goal line, Unless he was hunted by the watcher: LaGuardia He entered the far post picking up a ball that no one wanted and, with a foreboding, pushed the scoreboard 1-0 in minute 4, marking the best start for the Vitoria-Gasteiz team.

Boley’s Day, the striker’s debut in the Castellón team today, activated in the quarter of an hour and began to be a nuisance to the bonfire. The striker went ahead, attracted Albiazul centre-back and even threatened the physical adequacy of the Franco-Senegal.

But the bonfires kept trying, something that didn’t bode well for Villarreal’s reaction, which was subject to the designs. manu garka, Babajoro was the midfielder Compass, and after a half hour meeting he began, with a good and very long pass, 2-0 game: Tracing the Escape of Garca edgaR, the play ends on the left wing, Luis Rioja misses the center first and with duarte Picking it up, against another weak Villarreal defence, send a cross to Escalante, so that, in the mouth of the target, he could finish second to Alavés.

came to replace the brakes Parejo and Pau, that they left itCelsus and Foyth, although the substitution seemed to be a Chukuwez, who, as soon as he caught the ball at the start of the second half, did not let go until the gap was closed: the Nigerian captured the entire left-hand line of Alavs with his right foot. They bowed down. When Samu almost reached the edge of the region, he moved towards the centres. salt lejeune, but fell short at stake. Then it was Lejeune’s turn to jump, but Chuquez was going too fast and was likely to suffer a penalty, so the Villarreal attacker was free to shoot with his left foot after his run, sending a leather that Between Pacheco was difficult. Balls Foot and Receiving 47. in 2-1,

ten minutes later, Asenzo and Fyotho draw two balls in a row target line, adding charm to the encounter more beautiful for the spectators than the coaches. Driven by the goal, Emery’s men lost their fear of a face-off with the bonfire, but calmed down as the minutes passed and the Blue and Whites returned to prominence.

Pacheco put the team on his back when Villarreal pressed on with a lo celso in the final stretch and alkesarJoe entered through Ibora with 15 minutes remaining, although Alavés goalkeeper also snatched the tie from Valencian with two clear shots sent by Paco.

With Villarreal turning over, the Vittorians pushed and intimidated a Villarreal, who could not turn the score. Alavs took a step forward for sustainability, Villarreal, one to get back to Europe for the league

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