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Varane’s final goodbye to Real Madrid: amidst doubt and respect LaLiga Santander 2020

  Varane's final goodbye to Real Madrid: amidst doubt and respect  LaLiga Santander 2020

Manchester United announced the signing of the Frenchman for an amount close to 50 million. He terminated his contract in June 2022.

Varane, in a match with Madrid.sergio perezReuters
  • real Madrid Varan Maze: A Reflection, a Year of the Contract and a Potential Sale

He came as a child and is leaving as a man. There is no better summary for the forum of Rafael Varane In real Madrid. a decade that today has certainly been ended by the French’s desire to trace new Horizons in his career. fly to manchester and play in United instead of a figure that is around 50 million euros. Madrid did not want to, but the French wished to try new adventures and with one year remaining on his contract, he had no other choice in the offices of Chamartin. don’t lose it without getting something in return. “Our club thank him for his professionalism and exemplary behavior during the ten seasons in which he has defended our shirts,” explained the farewell statement for Whites, moments after United made it official.

It’s not a war of ego, There is no tension in the conversation, wrong signals or manipulation of messages. Used to be honesty and respect Protector’s environment. Thus the parts summarize it. According to this newspaper, the problem between Varane and Madrid has never been money and the footballer has not tried to use United to get a better salary in a fictional renewal. He was clear in his intentions from the beginning.

The Frenchman, ten years behind him in white, 360 games, 17 goals, Four Champions, Three Leagues And the bracelet waiting for her on her arm, turns the wind to illusion for life. after departure Zinedine Zidane, his great supporter, confidant and professional ‘father’ who brought him from the lens when he was barely making selectivity, and from Sergio Ramos, right-hander to the back centre, ending a circle for the Lille-born player. Was. i heard The first and only extension offer I valued it and thanked it for the contract I received from Florentino Praz. it was a Lower offer than that offered by United and for the heaviest of the squad in the lower echelon, but he dismissed him because he wanted to take a different step in his career. No controversy, no bad behavior. “Respect”, give both sides away.

from glory to unknown

In Barnabu, Varane moves from an unknown child into a giant promise and world reality. He lit up the stages at the same pace as always winning the title, next to Pepe and Sergio Ramos, and Don’t hesitate to square one: Manchester’s Etihad. That night, without Sergio Ramos, in the round of 16 of the 2020 Champions League, an error by the French condemned Madrid that could attack the city’s fiefdom. That failure energized the mind of the French, who had not shown the same strength on previous occasions. His speed and his privileged physique placed him on an unquestioning throne, but the shadow of doubt did not stop flying and presence of militao He sowed his future with unknown people and reassured Madrid during the talks.

for them 28 years, he would go on to become one of the team’s captains along with Benzema and Marcelo, but instead made a move to the Premier League, turning to Old Trafford, twelve months before terminating the contract with Madrid, which would extend a valet. To secure 50 million euros. just waiting qian mbapp.

new madrid defense

Since his arrival at the Barnabu bench, Carlo Ancelotti lost Ramos and Varane and won David Alaba, who together Adder Militao He will be the head of the new Madrid defence. ferland mendy Acting in third center moments with Nacho, was relegated after a great season, opening the way to the left for Miguel Gutierrez.

Madrid, who let go of Varane, removes the player with the highest market value in the team (70 million According to transfermark), compete calmly in the market if a low-cost alternative appears at the last minute, but there will be no new big outlay behind.