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Van der Poel wins Tour of Flanders after a beautiful fight with Pogacaro

The Dutchman, who ran with the Slovenian, prevails after a display of strength, cunning and cold-bloodedness in the symbolic cobblestone race.

Tour of Flanders winner Matthew van der Poel.E. LalmandiAFP

Matthew van der Poela It is a paradigm of this fast-paced consumer society, which is eating up intense shows in record time. Fascinating electricity. An expert in explosive efforts, a master of the most groundbreaking classics. Model of credibility in excellence. A natural wit and a belief in one’s own possibilities are only within the reach of the genius, as he demonstrated in his resounding Tour of Flanders victory this Sunday. Second win at the Belgian Classic after the victory achieved in 2020.

The Dutch left behind the very brave Tadej Pogakar in moment Memorial of the season, the first of winter spring. Cold, rain and snow met on the narrow road between Antwerp and Oudenarde, where the grandson polydor He returned to write another anthropological page in a historical examination, in the cobbled hills of worship, in a curve crowded by a predetermined public to pay for a privileged position.

belgium, de ronde It is a religion that has heroes crowned in mud, martyrs of immense sacrifice with 18 walls and seven blocks of cobblestones in a sanctuary of over 270 km. with him symbolic movesuch as Pieterberg, Aude Quarmont and Koppenberg.

A pilgrimage in which Van der Poel (VDP) met the expectations of the main icon after his exhibition in Thru Flanders and the reason for his absence vout van ert And Julian Alaphilippe, A favorite who was harassed by the insatiable Tadej Pogakar, the naive Memorial Belgium, in an electrifying competition of class, cunning, strength and stamina.

90 kms. cut to

90 kms from the finish line, Ivan Garca Cortina caused a cut that hardened UAE runners as those with ambition joined that runaway, such as stybar, coach And van hooeydonk, Pogacar himself responded on 54 from the finish, with a quality acceleration on the second climb at Old Quarmont, flying over the cobbles and leaving VDP at the tail of the group. The attack from the double winner of the Tour served to neutralize Garca Cortina’s small group and leave them touched. casper asgreenWinner of the 2021 Belgian Classic.

Pogakar excited an audience that was cheering and waving hundreds of yellow flags with lions, the symbol of Flanders. brand image. Slovenian has VDP and . again pressured the ascent of Köppenburg, 44 km from the end with madonasi in his awakening. The three cooperated and hunted down the escapees van barley And Right, La Porte And Pidcock He was dropped offside.

de ronde It offered a different sequence from the one in Thru Flanders last Wednesday, when the Pogakar neophyte followed the path marked by the VDP. Learns Slovenian well and very quickly. Better on offense than waiting for events. Be attentive in critical moments.

The quintet was reduced to two in the stone section of the final ascent. Oldquarmont, Pogakar and VDP. Two Lions of Flanders. Pair of animals hand in hand. The end of a dream for the organizers of the Tour of Flanders. The gallop of the two ended in a marking between the two which is not suitable for heart patients.

The Dutch and Slovenians adjusted and calculated their forces over the last 800 metres. They both moved slowly, very slowly, so much so that they were caught by Madaus and Van Baarle. In the four-man sprint, VDP never lost the lead, worked hard and outplayed his enemies. In the last push, Pogakar (fourth) was stopped by Van Baarle and raised hand in protest,

A complaint of which the VDP was oblivious was to win their third win of the season in the aforementioned A Traves de Flanders before a stage in the Coppi-Bertali Week. The fifth classic in which he writes his surname, others: Strade Bianche, walloon arrow and Amstel Gold Race. That said, an incident.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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