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Van der Poel teaches Pogakar a lesson on cobblestone

The Dutchman wins the Thru Flanders, a test that covered 61 kilometers to go to the double winner of the Tour de France.

Matthew van der Poel, winner of Thru Flanders.EFE

Matthew van der PoelaDutch event, won the Classic Thru Flanders and gave a master class Tadej Pogakar A delicious appetizer for next Sunday’s Tour of Flanders, an in-demand Belgian event. A quality warm-up for the second ‘monument’ of the season.

grandson of Raymond Paulidorwith his distinctive speed and power, conquered a group of fugitives, among whom were the British Thomas Pidcock and Belgium the winnercampaigners, It broke the 60-kilometer run, when Pogakar was dropped after an acceleration by an Ineos runner.

The 183.7-kilometer event, between the towns of Rössler and Waregem, with a broken route (five cobblestone sections and 13 elevations), but was somewhat smoother than the previous year as it did not include the Steinbeckdriz and Tainberg climbs, There was an intense development, with frequent attacks.

A classic that began with the arbiter participation of Pogakar, a first in a classic with Pedigree. The Slovenian signed up for the Tour of Flanders with the aim of acquainting himself with cobblestones and gaining confidence. Without previous experience, he listened to his partner’s advice Matthew Trentin, “The form I’m in is good and I hope we can stay close to the front, but I have no illusions about the cobbles. I know it’s a different type of race than usual. But it’s all in the Trying to soak in and enjoy it as much as possible. It’s a small step into the unknown, but I’m very excited about it,” said the Slovenian before getting started.

In the race, number one in the ranking was always attentive to the movements of the head, very close to that of Mathieu van der Poel (VDP), but with 61 kilometers to go, before the demanding Noctebe stage, he suffered the rigors of the Classic Belgian. Pidcock accelerated and broke the rhythm of the platoon, which was chasing the escapees with a spyglass. Cock, Jacob, O’Brien, werewilst And passchens, They went after the British benutcampaigners, turner, kung and van der Poel.

chopped up

Pogakar was bitten, but with barely time to take the hit, he jumped in a rage to approach the escapees. Six against one, an unequal battle that did not make the double winner of the Tour de France complex. I tried but gave up in the end do not consume excess energy, They waited for those coming from behind and pressed again to hunt down the two fleeing groups, who, with 40 kilometers to go, formed a small platoon of 11 units. With 36 kilometers to go, the gain was 44 seconds. An income that was retained till the conclusion.

With 10 kilometers to go, the escapees exchanged counterattacks, with two attacks aimed at eliminating candidates for victory, the most insistent Campanarts. Attacks to which Van der Poel always responded by intelligence, who fled in the company of Belgian Benoot to go a thousand meters. The sprint was a drill between the two Because the Dutch won easily. Its powerful pedal stroke is remarkable. Guaranteed success in small group arrivals.

VDP showed Pogakar the way the Slovenian had good legs, he didn’t know how to read the race well, but he certainly learned a lesson for Sunday. A lovely necklace for quality education on cobblestone.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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