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Van den Spiegel, Real Madrid pvot who pulls strings at Tour of Flanders: “Cycling is a religion here”

Van den Spiegel, Real Madrid pvot who pulls strings at Tour of Flanders: "Cycling is a religion here"

The former player, who is also the president of ULEB, is the CEO of the Cobblestone Wall Classic, which is played today. He rides a bicycle suited to his 214 cm. “Like every kid in Belgium, I dreamed of becoming a cyclist”

By van den Spiegel, one of the cobblestone walls of Flanders.World

In Ghent, a giant looks up to the sky. It has snowed two days after the first Sunday of April. But in what may have been a piqued encouragement on the Tour of Flanders’ cobblestone walls, this time the man who pulls the strings of the year’s second cycling monument makes up for it. “Luckily, it seems that on Sunday [por hoy] It will be cold, but it will be sunny”, admits Thomas van den Spiegel, thinking of the millions of people who will take to the streets, who will populate Old Quarmont or Paterburgh after two years, frustrated by the pandemic. Yes, that dapper pivot who was European champion with CSKA and played two seasons at Real Madrid owns the designs of the legendary event.

The correlation is simple. “Cycling is part of our cultural identity, here it is a religion. When I was a kid, I went with my family. Afterwards, I would always watch it on television in the European city I was in,” Van admits Dan Spiegel, who, like a good Flemish, dreamed of a “hero” of the eighties Johann Museuw and Frank Vandenbroecke and then praise Tom Boonen, “Who is God to us”. And that, after his retirement, he started sports management. Because Tomas is not only CEO of the Flanders Classic, the company that organizes Belgian cycling events (Ghent-Wevelgem, Omloop het Nieuwsblad, Across Flanders, among others) and cyclocross superprestige, he is also the president of ULEB. European Basketball League Federation.

“I’m very busy, but I love what I do, I combine my two passions. I’ve had the privilege of working with sports every day, because the transition isn’t easy when you’re retired, Finding your way”, says van den Spiegel, hoping, like many, for what happens this Sunday on the cobblestones, where Tadej Pogakar challenges Mathieu van der PoelFavorite – his compatriot van aerte Caused by covid-, which afflicted him on Wednesday at the Aperitif of Thru Flanders. “We are in an amazing time, with this new generation of cyclists who just want to win races, who attack relentlessly, who put on a show. Before they didn’t compete to lose, now they just Want to win. That’s changed. Also, they’re very versatile. They can compete in the classics, but they can also climb the big climbs of stage races. We see them in cyclocross, on mountain bikes, they Compete all season long,” pvot surrenders.

Van den Spiegel and van Aert.World

“But at the same time, I always say that the Tour of Flanders is bigger than any cyclist, it’s our national treasure. We’ve been waiting all year for spring to come, it’s part of who we are. Cycling More important is people than football. I always compare it to basketball in Lithuania. People talk for weeks about what happens in a race,” says the former player, who gives an example: “Everyone here knows Is John Anthony ArrowMaybe more than in Spain”.

Because Belgian classics have traditionally been forbidden territory for Spain. Flecha, in 2008, was the only national player to reach the podium. There are enough fingers of one hand to count to the top ten. “It’s important to adapt to the cold and cobblestones, maybe that was the reason. This may change in the future. In the past, not all riders came to the Classics. For example, I really like Garca Cortina“, explains the Belgian leader.

Van den Spiegel, during his time at Real Madrid.brand

The director of the Tour of Flanders remembers his time at Real Madrid far and away fondly. Injuries prevented him from developing the potential he displayed in Italy and Moscow, where he won two Euroleagues. Messina, “Still, it was a beautiful time, I loved the club, the city… My daughter was born there, and we gave her a Spanish name, Ana, with only an N”, admitted Tomas, who trained for the team immediately before signing by zone square, played a few months in Mariupol, a city now devastated by the Russian invasion. “What is happening is difficult. I send my full solidarity. When I see pictures on television and recognize the places in the city where I lived…”.

It’s still snowing, but it’s not entirely a deterrent for the flamingos. Even if you measure 2.14 meters. “I ride my bike a lot, even today (for Friday) I will. I try to do it three times a week. Because of my size, I have a special bike. I don’t have that talent Which I was playing basketball, but I love it. Of course I would love to be a cyclist like every kid in Belgium”.

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