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Valverde: “I’ve been pressured to be here before”

The coach is “very excited” to face his third spell at Athletic Bilbao, where he won a Spanish Super Cup.

Ernesto Valverde during his presentation in San Mames.thong coralArabic

Athletic club’s new coach Ernest ValverdeBilbao was “very excited” to face his third stint as coach of the club and assured that he had put “extra pressure” on him to “be first” in the Rosiblanco squad, which won a Spanish Super Cup. .

“I would like to thank the Chairman and the Board of Directors for their trust, This is the third time I’ve been introduced, The first was in Lezama, the second in Ibagen and now, in San Mames. It’s an honor for me, I know I have a tough challenge ahead of me, I put pressure on being here before, by what we’ve done, and by being here.“, He said.

“But I accept it with enthusiasm, I am athletic, excited to coach this team, and we will try to make people feel proud of their club. I know what’s behind this room, this dressing room, I know what athletic means, not only in Bilbao, but in many other places, and I’ve decided to try it and it’s always an exciting challenge. Is.“Added ‘Tsingurri’ to the press conference for his presentation, where he appeared with the club’s president John Uriarte,

“It had to be stimulating and complex to be able to take it”, he explained of the challenge he has accepted. ,There were times when I thought it would never happen again, but it has happened, I know many things and many keys to the athletic dressing room but I also know that it is not enough. There’s a lot of work to be done behind playing and getting points and that’s what we should start doing“, Told.

“A Rhythm Game”

In this sense, Valverde did not promise a specific style of play, but did hint at his ideas. ,Over the years, not only the club, but the style of the team is a rhythm game., We have all tried to overcome this because we know what motivates our people and it is clear that we have to have them by our side. You have to win over people, they won’t always be there as they know it. There are times when we play too much on the board and when that happens, the athleticism is very strong, and everyone knows that.”, he defined about his previous phase.

“Am I better now? About the last step, I don’t know, we’ll see. But as you train, you always polish up and do different things. We have to adapt to the club we are in, it’s easier for me to adapt than others, but the coach also has to have an essence that deserves attention, And I hope that if I change, it will be better.”

With regard to the scheme used, Valverde did not wish to specify. “The physical identity of athletic is changing over time, so many times, because of the players I have, you adapt it a bit. I’ve played with 4-2-3-1 and also played with 4-3 is -3, depending on the players. What is clear is that our intention is to maintain a line that identifies us“, he highlighted.

“Stabilize the Team”

“It is about fighting for the purposes, that the athletic remains in the fight for the positions that give access to Europe. It would be ideal to stabilize the team in these situations.“, qualified Valverde, who admitted that the renewal of ender cloak And some player purchases.

“Ender Capa’s renewal is being evaluated, although I already have an idea about it, and also about possible signatures. this is something we have to discuss and put it on the table, We will see,” Valverde said, also asked about the position he would occupy. Iyaki Williams And Ikar Munian with your arrival.

“We’ll cross the river when we get to the bridge, Williams also played as a striker and that’s how Iker has played with me in and out. They have very remarkable features but we will talk about it over time and depending on the rest of the players, We want to have the liquidity to be able to create a lot of opportunities and they let us down some”, he concluded.

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