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Valencia opens the market with Alderete, a Paraguayan center-back on loan from Hertha de Berln

Valencia opens the market with Alderete, a Paraguayan center-back on loan from Hertha de Berln

The 24-year-old is liked by Bordals and the club will have to exercise a purchase option of 7.5 million if he ends up in European positions. The incorporation occurs despite the fact that the club closed the year in losses as it did not make any sale

Alderete, after signing, with the president of Valencia, Anil Murthy.VCF

The Valencia has already put the first reinforcement in the hands of Jos Bordals: Omar alderete. The 24-year-old Paraguayan left-hander joins the team’s preseason after signing his loan contract that will make him change his Hertha from Berlin by Mestalla at least until June 30. The German club has imposed a clause that obliges the Valencians to keep the property of the defender and pay 7.5 million of euros if they finish the season in European positions, a ‘risk’ that the Valencia property has considered acceptable despite the bad financial situation it is going through.

Alderete, who played with the Paraguayan national team America Cup, He has given up part of his vacation to join today after signing his contract to the preseason concentration in Oliva. This is a player that Bordals had already tracked down for Getafe and coincided with the technical secretary, Michelangelo Corona, in which it could be a good market opportunity. Alderete made the leap to Europe in 2019 after going through the Gymnastics Y Hurricane Argentines. Recal in the Basel, where he had a good first season and Hertha signed him for four million euros. While Bruno Labbadia was on the bench, the center-back started, but everything changed with his dismissal in the middle of last season. The new coach, Pal Dardi preferred to bet on his son Marton, an under-19 international with Germany and who was already training in the subsidiary. Paraguay then made the decision to force their exit.

No exits

Alderete’s arrival occurs without the club having made any sales. The players who have left the dressing room are Gameiro and Mangala, who were finishing their contracts. That does not mean that the club is not going to sell. Valencia should have made cash worth almost 20 million euros before June 30, but the market, stopped by the Eurocup and the bad season, forced it to close with losses, which it hopes to be able to wipe out before the season starts. . A relief in the form of unexpected income was the Europa League won by Parejo and Coquelin or the future transfer of Rodrigo de Paul to the Atltico de Madrid, which can leave a pinch of five million euros in the coffers.

In the starting box are players like Cillessen or Guedes, of a high salary cost, or Kang in lee, which ends the contract next June, but it is not ruled out that the sales are different. The market rules. The only condition Peter Lim has set is that are not sold below pending amortization. In other words, there will be no gifts that don’t lead the debt club.

The financial situation of the club remains critical. It has to face payments such as the credit with Caixabank or the players’ chips, which last year it had to postpone and pay with promissory notes. The only respite is given by Peter Lim, who does not execute the loans that expire at the end of August, but maintains as a pledge the federative rights of several first-team players.