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US Open: Nadal reacts on time against Fognini and qualifies for third round

I won 2-6, 6-4, 6-2 and 6-1 and played against Richard Gasquet. He is the first player to secure a place in the ATP Finals. He hit his nose with his racket in an unfortunate set-up, was bleeding and had to be treated

Nadal celebrates a point against Fognini.jason szenesEFE

There would be reason to think that Rafael Nadal is not in the best position to present his candidacy for a fifth title at the US Open. After all, he has lost two sets in the opening two games, 198 against an unknown player, such as Rinki Hijikata, and against a veteran Fabio Fognini, whose best days are behind him. but Experience puts on temporary clothes while casting a shadow on his future in major tournamentsWhere he has the skills and resources to turn around dangerous situations like this Friday, when he was set and 2-4 on the second and second night at Arthur Ashe in danger of a storm.

The truth is that in both cases the world number three has finished both games much better than he started and now has 21 consecutive wins in the games. big companiesFabio Fognini 2-6, 6-4, 6-2 and 6-1 in 2 hours 42 minutes. The winner of the Australian Open and Roland Garros and a semi-finalist at Wimbledon, where he pulled out without playing due to a stomach injury, is in the third round of the season’s last Grand Slam, where Will be measured with Richard Gasquet, who has a slab of 17 defeats against the Spanish in as many games,

As in the match against Hijikata, the Spaniard did not start well, losing his serve twice, the second time with a double fault. This time he was facing not a budding player but an experienced player who had already tickled him in four of his 17 matches. The 35-year-old Italian made a flawless start, neutralizing his opponent’s actions and imposing his easy, intelligent, fluid tennis. There was no respite for Nadal, having been forced to do a lot at times. “I’m kind of worried,” he commented on his bench already in the second set.Which began with five consecutive service breaks until Fognini knew how to defend and escaped 2-4.

four games in a row

With only two games left since Wimbledon, Nadal couldn’t find the key to destabilizing the Transalpine. He protested, however, with the integrity of all known, he thwarted his opponent and chained four consecutive games to equalize a set.

Fognini has always distinguished himself to be a distinct tennis player, someone capable of generating power without effort, whose laziness on the court is only apparent, as he needs a great physical display for his talent. is not needed. Against what he may seem, he is a true warrior, having picked up two unfavorable sets for the tenth time in a first-round match against Aslan Karatsev. Nadal knows very well his ability to survive. In 2015, in the third round of the same tournament, he became the first person to turn the score in a Grand Slam,

Players of the Moments, this time he allowed reincarnation of a man who rarely misses a door ajar. There was no game since the middle of the second quarter. Fognini once lowered his arms when he saw how the chances of placing himself with a substantial advantage in the match were slipping. Nadal grew up, only to be stopped by a troubling accident when he hit his nose after the racket bounced off the ground. Bleeding, he looked for a chair, lay down, was treated and a bandage was applied to the affected area. He was already three games away from victory. I came back as if nothing had happened. He completed the task and, incidentally, became the first player to make it to the ATP Finals. Ahead of his twenty-third Grand Slam title, which would mean a return to No. 1,

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