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US Open: Nadal beats Gasquet again to enter week two

He scored his eighteenth victory in as many games with the Frenchman, which he defeated 6–0, 6–1 and 7–5. Tiafo. Find rooms against

In his match against Nadal, Gasquet.jason szenesEFE

When Nadal and Gasquet first met at Roland Garros in the second round of 2005, the match in France was promoted as a date of great importance for French tennis. Although the left-hander had already defeated him twice, partially giving up on both occasions, it was his debut in the Grand Slam tournament. They came from taking their first steps in the lower ranges, where the gasket painted better, and They were the two players with the best future, two 19-year-olds with formidable prospects., Nadal won 6-4, 6-3 and 6-2. It was as if one professional tennis player played with another who was still in his youth. A few days later, Spain won the first of their 14 titles in Paris.

As the years passed, the distance increased. While Nadal grew without any disappointment, Gasquet was far from answering the confusion of French fans. He was a fine player, technically excellent, reaching seventh in the rankings and two Grand Slam semi-finals, but he lacked the qualities needed to lead tennis in his country.

Nadal aspires to win his fifth US Open, which will be his twenty-third Grand Slam title, with which he will return to world No. 1. Considered the last year of his career, Gaskett, 91, already plays for the joys of doing so, a lack of resources and competitive stress. After 17 losses in as many matches against the Spaniard, little could be expected from the Beziers playerNot even when he showed three break balls in the first game. Nadal pulled off a 6-0, 6-1 and 7-5 victory in two hours and 16 minutes, a second consecutive big win this year and will play this Monday against American Frances Tiafo, who also beat Diego Schwartzman in three sets.

“It takes a little bit of getting more security out of all these victories. It’s time to grow up, take a step forward“It was my best match in the tournament,” he explained to the media after the match. It’s easy to say because the second day was tough.” Nadal,

“In the second week against a great player like Francis TiafoI need to be ready to play and level up. I hope I am able to do this. I know this is the right time to upgrade if I want to maintain my chances of staying in the tournament. Improved today and I need one more significant improvement for the next match.”

Not a set since 2008

After a shaky start to the tournament, especially in the second round match against Fabio Fognini, Nadal enjoyed the most peaceful night at Arthur Ashe. the gasket was a little over ,spur’He was about to clear the income statement with very little Mallorcan, who has not won a set in the quarterfinals of the Canada Masters 1000 since 2008. Only a glimmer of pride and the decision to take a bigger risk in the third set kept him from coming out with an outrageous score.

Going out on the track with this kind of ballast and finding out 6-0 was the worst thing that could happen to Gasket, subject to a real role. without looking for any alternative, without any sign of rebellion, The Frenchman raised his arms, admired by the stands, when, after an hour and ten minutes of play, he got his first game and was 3–1. Down in the second set.

It was the same old story. Nadal, who made eight double faults, repeatedly struck an opponent’s backhand and resigned to his fate, which he handled like a puppet overnight. Seeing what was seen, the best thing that could have happened for the Frenchman was to fall that way, leaving at least a hint of dignity in the final stages of the game.

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