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US Open: Balls of contention: US Open criticized for using different balls for men and women

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Novak Djokovic’s absence was confirmed, resolved much more calmly than in Australia (this Thursday he saw the spectacular Serbia-Greece basketball match with eljko Obradovic at the foot of the track), when US Open He has another controversy on the table that he won’t be able to settle at least until next year: the tournament of flushing Meadows The only ‘big’ one still uses separate balls for men and women, and in recent times some of the major rackets WTA Circuit They have raised their voice.

to establish itself, US Open Handles two different models of the brand wilson For tournament: extra charge ‘Regular’ for the men’s team and ‘regular’ for the women’s team. Size, weight and boat are the same as they assured this week Washington Post, But the secret (discord) is in the feeling.

extra charge They have slightly more fluff, which allows them to last longer in good conditions on faster tracks, which are more abrasive than clay or grass. This extra also makes contact with the racket strings slightly higher and, therefore, the ball doesn’t move much.

opposite of this, ‘Regular’ They feel low, which allows them to go a little faster and on clay, for example, they don’t pick up as much dirt. In women’s circuit These balls were raised to cement to speed up matches, but as tennis players have evolved, this measure has been reversed for the best hitters: balls wear out faster, move faster, and they It is more difficult to control.

Svetec and Badosa lead the complaints

I opened the ban iga switec, number one in the world. and they followed him Paula Badosa You Jessica Pegula, Three tennis players who won the most matches in wta1000 Fast track to the last two seasons.

“Balls are light and fly a lot,” lamented Sweetek, who has never made it past the round of 16 US Open. “now [las tenistas] We have more power. It’s not like ten years ago, except Serena WilliamsThe women played slow. […] And we certainly make more mistakes. I don’t think it’s pretty to look at,” he said during the Cincinnati tournament.

wta Another reason I reported this week was injuries. The balls weighed more and tennis players suffered hand, shoulder, elbow and wrist problems. For Sweat, Instead, now the problem is the opposite. “Now we are very well prepared physically […] In fact I think it’s worse because we have to put more tension on the strings and it affects the hand, hand and touch”.

SWITEK Be assured that there are more tennis players who condemn these problems. same year, after ashleigh barty he will win Australian Open, his coach assures that his student will never win the US Open because of the type of ball he uses. The Australian dropped out a few months later, but there has been more criticism.

has been the most graphic Paula Badosa, who shared a photo of two tubes of official US Open balls on his Instagram profile. In them you can read how the manufacturer recommends extra charge For fast courts and the ‘regular’ ones for clay and indoor courts.

iga switec He delved into the problems: as he explained, the balls that can be bought in Europe are completely different from the balls used in tournaments. Polish assured that he and . Both Badosa He complained to the tournament president last season, Steve Simon.

The only progress pointing in this direction is that from this year the four great tournaments of the North American Tour (Washington, Toronto, Cincinnati and US Open), that in turn. “At least now it’s consistent, but the balls are still terrible. After three games it’s very hard to play. They’re getting lighter and lighter. You can’t serve at 100 mph because then they go crazy.” fly like that.”

no consent

Sweetek and Badosa found an important ally in Jessica Pegula, Number eight in the WTA rankings and member of the Players Council. However, not all tennis players are in favor of integration. As is logical, those who are in favor of the use of clay balls on fast courts have been against it.

between them Petra Kvitov, finalist in Cincinnati, You madison keyshangman of SWITEK in the tournament. “It’s my favorite ball,” said the American. “It gets on really fast and holds up to gear very well. [a Swiatek] they do not like.”

It is inevitable to remember the monumental wrath of Andy Murray In the 2016 Miami Masters 1,000, when against Match Point Denis Istamin, she was given the women’s tournament ball by mistake. it was long. “They’re very different. Much faster, smaller and lighter.”

But, at least for this year, the US Open will remain the only Grand Slam tournament to use separate balls for men and women.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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