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UEFA Nations League: A four-match marathon for Spain and a ‘casting’ for the World Cup

Selection begins a sprint this Thursday with four doubles over 11 days. Such were the conditions only in its foundation (1920) and 1981.

Luis Enrique with Busquets during training in Seville.AFP

Spain played its first match as a national team on 28 August 1920. At the Antwerp Games, they beat Denmark (1–0) by one goal. Patrick Arbolazza, The next day, Spain played against Belgium (lost 3–1). On 1 September I played against Sweden (2-1 win). against Italy on 2 September (2–0 win). and on 5 September they faced the Netherlands (they won 3–1). Spain became Spain with the first five games in its history that were played over all nine days, and you’ll have to travel to those original places to find one of only two examples of what it’s going to see from tonight. Have to do Portugal’s match today in Vilmarn is the first of four games the national team is going to play in 11 days, a build-up that, it should be noted, has happened only twice in history. That premiered in 1920 and 1981, although on that occasion tours to Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile and Brazil were five games over 16 days.

This mini marathon of matches also comes in June, which is a much sought after season for almost everyone who visits here. Out of 25 professionals, he has played 969 games this year, which gives an average of 38.76 doubles, and there are cases like anu fati (who has appeared in just 14 games due to frequent injuries) or David Raya (24) who has a lower average, which for important players, in terms of starts, is above 40. Who has played the most games BusketsThe captain, who has reached 50 (for a total of 4,888 minutes) and that owner luis enrique He rested them in the March call, where two games were played. There I comforted him, but now I cannot allow myself more joy. These are official matches, the Spaniard explained.

The official character of the carousel, starting this Thursday (these are the first four dates for League of Nations, which along with the other two will be completed in September), and the fact that it also provides the final list before the World Cup . The one character of the last call that the selector must handle should be aware of all this. We take all the factors into consideration, and the first thing is to safeguard the performance of the players. It’s the calendar and I don’t think about it much. Conditions are same for all. It is clear that players come when they are already looking at the door of holidays and rest, that they have earned it, but we all also have in mind that representing Spain means a lot and four Or there’s a world in five months. Cup in sight, he explained.

physical and psychological functions

There are many footballers who, just to complete the picture, ended their competitions more than 15 days ago, and that’s not to mention those who were on teams without clear goals for weeks. This requires working on a dual level, physical and psychological. Physically, training sessions are bland, and players stop at the slightest annoyance (thiago finally gives up coexistence and Eric Garca Enter for the first time on a Wednesday). A physical trainer from one of the big teams in the league explains that they have to do activation sessions without much load because there’s no point in forcing the muscles at this point in the season, because of these absurd things that are multiplying. . Football prefers to remain anonymous.

The psychological plane is also important. I focus on what I can control, which is very little, and especially within the selection. Concentrate them later, give them more days, train with the right intensity, because we don’t even train to spend the time… good atmosphere in selection that reigns, outsiders, team, everything that Contributes to it, of course, the contribution is made in the institution itself. At the moment, and with all these physical and psychological parameters, the most immediate is Portugal, a team with personalities that hardly find a replica in France. Bernard Silva, Cristiano, Diogo Jota, Bruno Fernandes, Rafael Leo… create a block that demands its best version from Spain, something that would be hard to see at the moment.

The other focus of attention is captain Sergio Busquets, who will add 134 games, surpassing 133. Xavi and has become the third player to have played the most matches with the national team, surpassed only by Sergio Ramos (180) and boxes (166).

League of Nations dates

Spain-Portugal. This Thursday, at 8:45 p.m., in Benito Wilmarn.

R Czech-Spain. Sunday 5 in Prague, 8:45 pm.

Switzerland-Spain. Thursday at 9 p.m. 8:45 p.m. in Geneva.

Spain – R. Check. Sunday at 12, 8:45 pm, in La Rosaleda (Málaga).

And in September… on the 24th, in Zaragoza, Spain receives Switzerland and on the 27th, in Braga, it visits Portugal.

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