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Turning age at 43: Craviotto’s former teammate ‘Perucho’ due to late return

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A change in work led to a return to the World Cup, who was Craviotto’s teammate in London 2012. “I laugh when I talk about the Paris Games, but they are not that far off,” he admits.

“Perucho,” trails Rodriguez this season.World

salt craviotto You Carlos Prez Rial ‘Perucho’ They laugh while sitting in front of the Trasona Canal after some random workout.

– “You Think?”

– “shut up shut up”

The prospect of competing together again, together again in a kayak, makes them laugh, but… and if they come back? 80 years add up between the two and it doesn’t matter. No Spanish pair has won more in canoeing than them, they were champions at the 2008 Beijing Games, ’14 years ago!’, and they are still there. With successes in each Olympic placement, Craviotto never retired. And ‘Perucho’, well, ‘Perucho’ also never left. However, their path was very different.

Sorry, but… you didn’t hang the shovel?
What’s going on, what’s going on, I never left him. The thing is that after being out of the 2012 London Games, I had to concentrate on my work in the police station. [es agente de la Polica Nacional en Avils] And I have a morning shift. All these years I’ve been training with the group, with Sal, with Marcus [Cooper] and company, but with my program I couldn’t do more. On the other hand, this 2022, I have been able to go on the afternoon shift, devote more hours to canoeing and I have felt great.

So good that at the World Cup in Halifax (Canada) that started this Wednesday, the Spanish pair teamed up Roy Rodriguez After winning favorites in Selective a few weeks ago, Carlos Garroteworld and European champions recently, and Christian Bull, his replacement with Craviotto at the Rio 2016 Games. At 43 he is back and who knows when he will reach 45 at the Paris Games. “I laugh when they tell me, but it’s closer than it sounds. I also laugh when I think about going back to the World Cup because I haven’t been one since 2013 nine years ago , and here I am. I’m going to work hard and if it comes out, I’m happy”, remarks ‘Perucho’ who, in the last decade, away from the Olympic canoeing elite, has been in open water. switched to canoeing and had also competed in international competitions. In it he was, in fact, when he ran into his return.

Rui Rodriguez, 28 years younger, 15 years younger, was without a partner, and the technicians saw “Perucho” so strongly that they proposed a test. They are fit despite the age difference. “You never know very well why two paddlers move together. It’s always been nice with Roy. He’s younger than me, but he has a lot of experience, he had a world record for the K1 500”. Perucho’ who admits that sometimes he explains his victories, the small battles of his beginning. Ever since he started at Alden Club, the same David CaloAlmost by Inertia: Her Father Jess she was a sailor and her mother Mary Victoria Shankh Ever since I joined the police to get a fixed salary. He was just a promising under-23 since he met Craviotto, and they became close friends. From his Olympic gold, his eight World Cup medals and seven European medals. “Sometimes I’ll explain some anecdotes to Roy when he competed with Sal, the truth,” admits ‘Perucho’.

Is there really any chance he’ll be competing with Cravotto again?
Some days we talk about it. In Scheme COA. We have never been out till now. One day, for laughs, we might ride and who knows, but right now I’m so happy with Roy. We are going to give our all in this World Cup and I am sure will do the same in K4.

At the World Cup, Spain, in fact, reappears with several medal options. In ‘Perucho’ and Rodriguez’s K2 500, Cravotto, Cooper’s K4 500 are added, Rodrigo Germade You carlos arevalo or K1 1000 paco cubelos, As was the case before the Tokyo 2020 Games, Seven—and others such as Garrot, Toro, i go to peas either lazaro lopez– They are already in the middle of a fight for an Olympic spot as only six can go to the 2024 Paris Games per country. At 43 years old and after a decade away from the elite, ‘Perucho’ is once again one of the candidates. And who knows if he will form a couple again with his young friend Sal Cravotto.

After some training, Trasona sits in front of the canal, the two laughing, but who knows.

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