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Triumphism for Barcelona and its spending on transfers: “We are building a great team” | LaLiga Santander 2021

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The Barca board has defended itself from criticism of the many millions that have been invested. The team is already the one that has spent the most this summer across Europe

In Joan Laporta, New York.Angel ColmenaresEFE
  • Opinion Laporta puts Barcelona on a doomed European spending platform

Joan Laporta Can breastfeed Barra is the team that has been the strongest, although not without controversy due to the economic situation in which the club finds itself, a fact that has generated suspicion and criticism from other major European clubs. Football doesn’t wait and we are putting together a great team, assured New York’s top Barca leader. The leader also sent a forceful message Julian Nagelsmann, Bayern’s current coach, who accused Azulgrana of making purchases without money: He would ask Bayern people to look at his current account, that he had received significant money for it lewandowski, What they do is distort reality. This reality says that, despite its astronomical debt, Barcelona is already the spending leader in European football.

At the moment the club has spent 148 million euros to reach the Camp Nou. Paul TowerInitially signed for Assistant, rafinhalewandowski and Kaund, And this amount can be even higher if all or some of the variables are met, some of them linked to easy, transfer statistics. Further, they have incorporated as free agents, i.e. after the expiry of the contract, Christensen, How You Dembleyand updated Sergio Robert, The big question for the club now is whether they will be able to sign all of them before the season starts against Rayo on 13 August. To do this, the club must comply with LaLiga rules on salary limits.

Laporta, however, claims to be very quiet. Lever greatly strengthened the unit. We have already turned the page. Bara has a history of over 120 years and a property of great value. For television rights for 25 years, not 50, as others have proposed, we have entered into 667.5 million euros, he explained. In addition, we are in the process of closing some planned outlets. With this positive net worth and one-to-one ratio, we’ll be able to sign you all up, go ahead. On the other hand, the entity is waiting for the third lever related to Bara studios and merchandising to be activated, which could also reduce the current requirement of those sales.


As of now, the club has already closed some outlets. coutinhoFor example, 20 million euros went to Aston Villa, although the club is entitled to 50% of the surplus value of the potential sale of a Brazilian player in the future. LengletMeanwhile, playing on loan at Tottenham, who will pay 85% of his record, and a punishment He would do it at Sporting de Portugal in exchange for three million euros and a buyout option would mean entering seven more. GriezmannFor his part, he will continue at Atletico, which could pay 40 million euros for him next summer if a series of conditions are met. waguRhey manji You Daniel Alves, in the end, he has left the unit without leaving a single euro in cash. The club, moreover, is pending to resolve the future of players who do not enter into the plans. Xavibasically Net, mingueza, umiti, Ricky Puigo You braithwaiteAnd a deaf ear for proposals will not turn memphis either djongThe football player for which he could have earned more money given his market value.

The first is practically out of the room due to the large number of forwards in the squad, but he is in no mood to leave. And second, neither, despite the fact that Manchester United paid 85 million euros. On the other hand, the club’s message is very clear: if he really wants to continue, he will have to adjust his salary to the new Barca reality. We will do everything possible for him to stay and I hope he will do everything possible to stay too, claims a Laporta who, at all, does not rule out the arrival of more reinforcements, especially some winger-like That’s what Javi demands. Depending on how player registration develops, we expect there may be some more news, he said after making Barcelona the spending leader in Europe.

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