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Tour of Spain: Roslik uncovers an Ivanpole crisis at La Pendera

Stage 14: Montoro – La Pendera

Carapaz won his second leg on the day the leader fielded the favourites.

Winner in Carapaz, La Pendera.Xavier LizzyEFE

remco evenpoel He seemed untouchable. The Belgian had dominated the climb and was stunned on the flat, gaining an advantage in the time trial that few, given the integrity of the red jersey, could say for sure. It took someone who would dare to continue questioning it, and not make excuses. A brave a primoz roglik, At the bottom of La Pendera’s toughest ramp, four kilometers from the finish line, the Slovenian tried his luck. And the first time Evanpoel didn’t come out to pick him up. There was a crisis. Spain is visiting. [Narracin y clasificaciones]

In the first seconds of panic, it was still possible to think that Evenpole was playing with a calculator. In the rest of those 2:41 that he was driving on Roglic, more than three minutes from the rest. Doubts emerged at first glance, when he stopped looking straight ahead for help or someone he could connect with. On a ramp with a slope of 15%, Roglic opens a gap.

Ayuso and Ivanpoel, at the finish line.Xavier LizzyEFE

If ever there was a time to test Evanpole, this was it. The Belgian is one of the new breed’s great prodigies, but this is his second participation in a three-week trial. And Roglic, winner of the last three editions of the Tour of Spain, knows (and enjoys) the terrain. Slovenian attack targeted: Enrique More He went to step outside. Too superman lopez, But not Evenpoel.

Belgium was going through so much trouble that John Ayuso, after a puncture with a bike loaned by the mechanical support car, managed to join him again. Rojic continued on with Mass, but without his help due to a lack of gasoline. and even later, Carapaz, Luis Lane Sanchez, Champoussin and Conacas They were trying to keep the leak afloat.

Evanpoel never seemed more fragile than when he could only follow the path of almida, to Tranton. Not asking for anything. Maybe at some point he wondered why he had allowed his partner Van Wilder I would drag them to fetch almost the same file. Or perhaps it was a sudden faint, that the thread was so fine that the Slovenian’s stretch broke it.

48 seconds

Evanpol made a timely recovery to stop the bleeding in less than two kilometers. The force wasn’t enough to push the water out, but it was enough to keep seconds from flying by. Ecuador’s Richard Carapaz saved the stage victory with a great singles final sprint, but the second winner of the day, Primoz Rogi, entered with Miguel ngel López.

The Slovenian’s lead, led by Ivanpol, was left in 48 seconds and four bonuses. 52 seconds total which puts him 1:49 behind the red jersey. But what would have been the use of keeping Belgium the undisputed favorite until yesterday, now, without another time trial, this Sunday with the Sierra Nevada, Pienorl or Navcerada ahead, it looks different.

In his only ‘big’ so far of last season’s Giro d’Italia, Evanpoel retired shortly after losing 25 minutes to Cortina d’Ampezzo on stage 16. This is the question that was raised by Primoz Rogick at La Pendera and which the leader of Belgium must solve. If you are ready to endure the third week with a goal on your back.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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