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Tour of Spain: Evenpoel bears the scratches of Enrique Maas in the Sierra Nevada

Ehrensmann wins a stage in which the Spaniard and Rojic cut time off the leader

Remco Ivanpoel, Sierra Nevada upon reaching the finish line.Xavier LizzyEFE
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Enrique Maas and ‘Superman’ Lopez didn’t collaborate that much, even when they were partners in Movistar. But this time the objective was simple: to break out of the usual categorization in suspense. Not for the final victory, but for climbing a few steps. weakness that remco evenpoel She was invited to try it on the Queen stage after it was shown at La Pendera on Saturday. But this time, Belgium defended itself like a leader, yes. I worked with Rogick and let Maas and Lopez do what they did, but they helped each other at times. Enough to scratch the Slovenian for half a minute and a little more for the Belgian. not to link with thimen erensmannBrilliant winner in the Sierra Nevada. [Narracin y clasificaciones]

A whole day turned out to be Evenpoel which was marked in red by Jumbo-Visma. Twenty kilometers from the finish line, a Dutch train beat the drums of war. In the section connecting the last two climbs, the four runners who still supported Rogick tightened up the group of favourites. It was a show of strength and a way for Evenpoel to take his temperature, with no more squares on his side and only two ahead. The landscape looked alarming, but the Belgian knew how to capture it. Nor was he bothered by the rdago of Gesink You pathological After all, the strength was also displayed by him while coming down.

While the cards were dealt to groups of favourites, at the top of the race they played for stage wins. Mark Soler started alone, just before starting the last port. With that rhythm so similar, so different to the rest, the Catalan began to open a gap that reached forty seconds, and for a few kilometers made him think about the double. From behind, at the same point where Solr had started, the group of the strongest is undone. Small and the rest of the general begin to seek the energy to negotiate the first horseshoe.

Hazlanas selected the group of favourites, which included Rogick, Evanpol, O’Connor, Maas, López, Rodriguez and Ayuso after Harper’s final serve. At that time, the position of the leader had already become clear: he was more full than Saturday, but he was not going to spend his energy just on someone’s shepherd. Miguel ngel López jumped in and let him do it. Salt Mass, third overall, and let him go with the Colombian. Evenpole had only Rojic’s eyes.

Erensmann, another victim of Pogacare

Around the same time as the start of López and Maas, who soon opened the fare for half a minute, accelerated forward thimen erensmann, The Dutch is one of those gems that the eclectic recent batch has delivered. A 22-year-old boy who finished second behind Pogacar at the 2018 Tour del Porvenir, and who had already taken two second places at the Giro and two thirds at the Vuelta. Exactly a month ago he celebrated his first stage win as a professional at the Tour of Poland. Now she started for the Queen of the Tour of Spain.

Dutch did not opt ​​for usually do Following him, Ehrensmann was launched to victory and the Spaniard had to negotiate a stage finish which, at more than 2,000 metres, was making it harder than expected. From behind, Miguel Negal López was trying to let Enrique Mas go, but he couldn’t either. Ask for help to keep opening the gap and don’t always get it. Mallorcan, far away from the red jersey but not so far from Rogi, did not enter the relay, and left the bite halfway, although it already could have done more than the Slovenian.

Rojic did not stop trying during the last two ascents, but Evanpoel only let go of the rope in the final two kilometres, a distance in which he could already use the general’s fare to perform damage control. Belgium will start the third week with 1:34 on Primos Rogic and 2:01 on Enrique Maas. With some scratches, but still whole.

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