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Tour of Spain: Evanpol destroys the Tour at Les Preres, where Ayuso and Rodriguez ignite Spanish cycling flames

While they wait for the day when it fails, remco evenpoel continues pedaling towards his first crown in trip to spain, from Belgium 22 years oldEnthusiastically young like almost all new kings of world cycling, destroying the rest of the favorites Asturian Wall of Les Preres And cut off the general classification of the Spanish version. win south african louis mintzesThe strongest of the breakaway, but formed by the Spanish trio Enrique Mas, Juan Ayuso and Carlos Rodriguez I bow my knee with respect and pride evenpoel Those who spent more than half a minute on their rivals.

It was the second and final stage in Asturias, an area that forecasters said the Vuelta could settle. Exhausting for cyclists, the asphalt of the north has complied and tilted the balance of the red jersey towards the Belgian cyclist who, after a day’s rest on Tuesday, will have the opportunity to Increase your income in Alicante Time TrialIn which he is the top favorite. because therefore this current cycle in which are criminals, Able to win in a sprint, in high mountains or against the clock. Nothing stops them.

After yesterday’s experience in Indian with sadness at the end Kolu FunkuyaToday, the platoon covered a distance of 171.4 kilometers and five passes that separated Villaviciosa from Nava. pulley height (7.6 km at 6%), the fito approach (area of ​​9 km and 10% at 6%), the high of flame (5.1% at 7.1 km) and Campaign (9.3 km to 4.1%) before reaching the wall les preresis located in the city of newIn the middle of the Pimayor mountain range.

At his feet this small but explosive rose”Wall“, as Miguel Negal López initially warned. ‘Superman’ was second at that premiere of Asturian Summit in 2018 and reflected on the asphalt, cobblestones and hell of sand that had left it before trying again. have finally experienced: “This is unbelievable hardness.” They were 3.9 kilometers of climbing with an average slope of 12% and ramps reaching 27%, a torture.

They arrived at Les Pres to play on stage. nine escaped Which formed the fugue of the day: Samuel Battistella (Astana), edoardo zambanini (Bahrain), Dylan Van Baarle (inos), louis mintzes (inter March), Filippo Conca (lotto), jimmy jansens, Robert Stannard (alpecene), Jose Manuel Diaz Gallego (Burgos) and Simon Guglielmi (arc). Some important cyclists in the peloton, such as Mark Soler, Thibaut Pinot, Jay Wines (double stage winner), Richard CarapazziThey failed to join them earlier in the day to try and improve upon their disappointing performance so far, but were unable to do so. The Ecuadorian, six minutes into the general classification, managed to put himself a few meters away, but was stopped by Evanpol himself, who did not trust the South American’s talent and the two weeks that still remained in the race.

At the beginning of the final ascent, battistella (U23 world champion) and Janssens started with confidence, but MintjesThe experienced and best climbers were approaching him with a consistent pace that won them over.

from behind and after a quiet stage for the peloton, Julian Alaphilippe, Olympic champion and partner of Ivanpole, began hostilities with a run of several hundred meters that destroyed the group of favourites. Only two kilometers from the Finnish line, when the French left the hull, there were barely 20 units left. brave, john ayuso Select the group even more, start over and take with it Evenpoel, Maas and Rosliksimilar to Janus Peak, Back, Carlos Rodrguez He struggled not to lose his wake.

on the hardest ramp, about 27%, Evenpoel takes out the whip, With the jersey open, sunglasses on the helmet and eyes fixed, he changed the pace. He immediately overtook Ayuso and Rogik, and Maas, who managed to stay at the wheel for a few meters, gave up.

Belgium displayed themselves in the final kilometer with the conviction of winning the Vuelta. The organization at times gave him a one-minute lead over Mas, Ayuso and Carlos Rodriguez, who managed to reconnect with their compatriots, leaving a special image for Spanish cycling. A generational change, 27 is for Maas, Rodriguez and Ayus 21 and 19, which speaks more about the present than the future. They are already here.

At the finish line, Evenpoel fired a . stopped paying rent 34 seconds on Ayuso, who broke his teammates in the final meter, and On 44 Mas and Rodriguez, Roglic, in complete agony, left in the red jersey for more than a minute.

The Vuelta now stops traveling to Alicante in the middle of Monday’s holiday, happy to see Evanpol the minute and twelve seconds that separate him from Mass, which under normal circumstances would have taken more than 60 seconds in Tuesday’s time trial. Should take Rojic, who must make time against the clock, is 1:53 behind the leaderWhile Spanish cycling’s illusions are defended by fourth and fifth places from Ayuso and Rodriguez, two and a half minutes behind Belgium.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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