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Tour de France: Rogic hunting for Escabechina under Pogacar in Pavso

Jumbo’s Slovenian lost 2.05 minutes to his compatriot, who flew over the cobblestone. The wingguard and Maas lose only 10 seconds in a stage won by Simon Clark.

Pogakar, in cobblestone state.M. BertorelloAFP

Crossing the blocks of pav is like crossing a forest, an area full of invisible dangers. The cobblestone ledges are challenging, they dig into the soul. Ah fight to survive, to get out without harm. And when it comes to survival, few know more than simon clarke You Tadej PogakarThe main beneficiaries of the demonic day of cobblestones.

The Australian won the stage and van aerte Powless and Boson managed to hold the lead against Hagen. Pogakar showed enormous authority over his nearest rivals and only reduced his stellar performance in the last 10 kilometres. The Slovenian took off in a diabolical area, consisting of 11 paved areas. 20 kilometers in length, is spread over the last 78 kms of the platform. Of those classes, four were included in the Parc-Roubaix, five were unprecedented and two had not been encountered since 1983.

A stage plagued by events that started with a leak van der horn (inter March), Magnus Court, Nielsen Powless (EF Education), boson hagen (total energy), simon clarke (Israel) and Alexis Gaugard (B&B Hotels-KTM). suffered a fall before van aerte You sagan On the first approach to the stones, Pogakar was accompanied by, very attentive and working hard to neutralize the fleeing.

Relieved without the terrible rain, dust appeared, concentrated in an uncomfortable blinding cloud. Australian Ben O’Connor (fourth last year) was the first of the victims. He suffered a breakdown in the third section and in the blink of an eye he spent more than a minute with the group of the best, led by him. nairo quintana And pogakar. in the room i was let off the hook van der polly You wingguard suffered a breakdown, kruijswijko He gave her the bike in a chaotic posture, with three more Jumbo riders trying to help the leader.

Enrique Morey You Daniel Martinez He was also cut from a platoon consisting of less than 50 units. Van Aert, with no chance of victory, waited for the wingguard. Then came Patient’s downfall and the subsequent ordeal as he lacked the energy to connect with the rest of the favourites. Escabechina was encountered by Jumbo Visma in the equator of the Pav regions. With 25 kilometers to go, the Dane lost 50 seconds to Pogakar; Patient, 1.40.

Extreme pain on crushed surface for back, arms and head. The rattle pierces the brain and if you also accumulate physical and mechanical misfortunes, then everything becomes complicated, as happened with the patient.

Pogakar makes the difficult easier. There are no impossible challenges. a day that was complicated, considering that on the eve of leaving Copenhagen, he lost Matthew Trentin By Kovid, who was the UAE’s great expert in this field. But on stone stones he carried himself with perfect authority. Always at the head of the main group. After walking 16 kms, he left his companions and was left alone jasper stuven (Trek), winner of Milan-San Remo. When it looked like he was going to finish the job, he slowed down and from behind, with a brilliant Van Aert, the distances narrowed. The runaways continued to rise and reached the finish line with a 54 second advantage with Pogakar and 10 seconds with Vingegaard’s group. Rogick, two minutes later.

Enrique Maas saved a very complex. was always protected by Imanol Ervati, Spanish with the highest attendance at Paris-Roubaix: 17 ed. Before beginning, he explained to the Balearic Islands in advance that irregular stone blocks would have to be broken up and changed direction differently, more firmly, but gently.

How could it have been otherwise, Pav narrowed down the choices to some of the favourites, as was the case in 2010, when they won Thor Hushovdi fall down frank schleck And Armstrong lost 11 minutes because of the breakdown. In 2014, Lars Boom won, and Contador lost almost three minutes for a spectacular performance of nibalik, victory in 2018 degenkolb and each Froome

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