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Tour de France: Pogacar’s final fireworks on a magical mountain

The Slovenian recorded his second consecutive win by defeating Winggaard by an sigh at La Super Planche des Bells Filles, the summit where he won his first Tour de France.

Pogakar celebrates his victory ahead of the wingguard.Marco BertorelloAFP
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Like that killer who always returns to the crime scene. Like the lover who yearns for the romance scene. Tadej Pogakar returns to the top where it all began. On those endless ramps where he beat Rojic and was crowned as the earliest Tour winner in history in 2020. The time trial of the Super Planche des Bells Filles elevated the 21-year-old beardless man. And this Friday, the Slovenian event returned to his favorite venue wearing his fetish garb, that yellow jersey that distinguishes the chosen one, to sign another anthropomorphic page of the Tour.

The painful triumph of the event in the mountain of magic. A tremendous kidney blow in a wall of ‘Sterato’ that only two meters to overcome Jonas WingguardWho dared to challenge the emperor when he ended up having a heart attack.

Pogakar climbed to the last section with his feet, with great confidence in himself, but without the ease of other opportunities, but alas, calculating the time and distance with his main enemy. And it is that the last wall of the Mont des Vosges presented a monstrous slope. Some climbed on it. The Slovenian recorded his second consecutive victory on the tour, the 42nd of his brief and illustrious career.

The first hilltop finish serves to assess the actual position of the candidates for the podium in Paris. Pogakar and Wingaad are a step up. As of Thursday, the weakest and most unfortunate of the stages were a long succession of bumps to travel and wear. What happened this Friday was a climb up a difficult seven-kilometer mountain pass, with an average slope of close to 9% and a maximum of 24%. The cycle of tireless effort, which dazzles the masses.

ervity’s getaway

The race was relatively quiet until the peloton accelerated to neutralize a day’s escape, in which, in the end, a Spaniard got into a good breakaway. imanol ervitikGregory, a veteran Movistar, shared a leak with Cyril Barthe (B&B Hotel), Lenard Kmna (Sack), Max Schachman (Sack), luke durbridge (bike exchange), Simon Geschke (cofidis), Dylan Tunes (Bahrain). A small group that never had an income of more than four minutes. Ervity covered 8 kms, to go, to defend Enrique Morey On the ascent of the Super Plancha. Balearic was hiding, climbing with difficulties.

In the first major date with the mountain, a sieve appeared in the general classification, with . first place disappeared powerless, o’connor, pinot, bite You vlasov were previously left naked on the ramp

Vosges’ Summit premiered in 2012, featuring . won the stage Chris Froome with and Bradley Wiggins Wearing the leader’s jersey, he already belongs to Pogakar, the cannibal who is overwhelmed by his illustrious circumstances. He runs of his own accord. Set the pace and decide when to draw the spear. This Friday I gave up everything for the last and memorable kilometer of land.

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