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Tour de France: Pogacar is the great patron of the Tour and leaves no crumbs

Tour de France: Pogacar is the great patron of the Tour and leaves no crumbs

The leader prevails in the queen stage of the Tour, in which Vingegaard and Carapaz establish themselves on the podium.

Tadej Pogacar celebrates at the finish line.AFP
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Youth is the time to devour today without thinking about tomorrow and Tadej pogacarSo radiantly young, he does not stop to think that he has much to lose, because in his ambitious mind only the possibility of victory appears. In this attitude there is also a point of unconsciousness, even recklessness, which the Slovenian transforms into reliable determination, as superior as it is in this Tour, to feed his impulses. What does it matter if the tyrannical leader of this race is if I am not going to be able to savor it until I reach the Champs-Elysées, what more unbearable awaits, he seems to think. Pogacar wants it all and wants it now and that is why he attacks and wins the queen stage, because while the rest of the mortals yearn to be recognized by those around him, he simply wants to prove himself that he is the only boss of this race.

On the roof of the Tour, the top of the dursimo Col de Portet, Pogacar He wins for the first time (more will arrive) wearing the yellow jersey and he feels happy about it, because he knows that nobody has given it to him, that they have not ignored him out of fear as happened in Tignes, but that he has run into two fierce rivals and has managed to bend them in the last meters. They held out Jonas vingegaard Y Richard Carapaz the onslaught of the Slovenian, denying him the display he no doubt had in mind, and the prize will surely be the podium in Paris. Rigoberto Urn, his greatest rival, cannot bear the leader’s blow, although he still relies on the time trial to cut the minute and a half that distance him from the Ecuadorian. He could not answer either Enric Mas, which is already forgetting the Paris box despite limiting losses after giving up 13 kilometers from the top. Good stage instead for Pello Bilbao, which strengthens its top10.

The outcome did not take anyone by surprise, after 100 flat initial kilometers of great tranquility, with a low-level escape (four Frenchmen included, to shine on the National Day of the country) ahead filling minutes of television. The ascents of Peyresourde, Val Louron Y Portet and at the beginning of the first one everything changed. The UAE de Pogacar broke the calm by lining up the group and soon reducing it to about 40 units. The passage through Val Louron was calmer, the team of the leader may not give so much, but in Portet the fireworks were restarted, permanent during the 50 minutes of final climb.

Those final 16 kilometers are divided into two parts. The initial seven correspond to the road that leads to the classic Pla d’Adet and then, in a twist, the nine finals that were paved in 2018 to take the Tour to Portet for the first time. The UAE was working until those first ramps began, eliminating More. The Balearic Islands gave up very soon and it was a debacle, but refused to lose just 2:27 at the finish line. Seen what was seen, not too bad for the leader of the Movistar, which even rises a place in the general (now it is seventh) at the cost of Lutsenko.


Bilbao tried to anticipate the movement of Pogacar, knowing that he was not a threat to the Slovenian. But it is that the leader, abuse, wanted everything. He ordered his faithful Majka to neutralize the Spaniard and launched his expected attack, as devastating as could be envisioned. Only Vingegaard, Carapaz, Urn, O’Connor and an admirable Castroviejo they endured the first stake. In the second, half a kilometer later, he was alone next to the dans and the Ecuadorian, his travel companions, and to the final ramp.

Pogacar tried it again on two occasions, as he was looking for the solo exhibition, but his companions clung to his wheel. He was not going to be able to release them with the ease he imagined, so he opted to cooperate, knowing the fastest of the three. Vingegaard I gave him a hand, but Carapaz he looked the other way when they asked him for relief. “Jonas came over and told me that he thought he was bluffing. I thought the same thing: it was a matter of tactic,” he said afterward. Pogacar, distrustful. Well done.

Because in the absence of a kilometer and a half, the head of the Ineos ranks changed his rhythm in search of stage victory. He managed to get Vingegaard to yield, but the dans, all pride, knew how to suffer to return to the head with just 200 meters to go. It was then that Pogacar released his final blow, the one that was going to give him the triumph in the queen stage, regardless of tomorrow, which includes in the menu Light Ardiden Y Tourmalet, the mountainous culmination of this Tour that only speaks Slovenian. Blessed be his youth.