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Tour de France: Marc Soler: “Pogacar surprises you, it does what it wants”

After leaving his stage back at Movistar, the Spaniard faces his fifth tour with a desire to get rid of his thorn and support the Slovenian in the United Arab Emirates. “When I was 20, they compared me to the winner of five rounds,” he reflects on the expectations.

Mark Soler, this season.
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on the edge of Tadej PogakarBeing one of its main supports in all kinds of terrains and conditions Mark Soler (Villanova i la Geltr, 1993). The boy who became a cyclist – he practiced football, athletics, swimming … – because in the cycling club Paco Gloves -the father of the deceased Isaac Gloves– They gave him a bicycle and he had a great time walking around the circuit and having breakfast. He lost his stage at Movistar and a year earlier in which he had to leave the Giro and Tour. The Catalan, who has sparked renewed confusion in the UAE emirate, four years later, reflects on a career marked by hopes and dreams of winning. big bouquet For Spanish Cycling.

What will be your mission on the tour?
Help Tadej as much as you can. I am very much looking forward to it. I am capable of doing good work, I see myself with a lot of confidence. But I am in a new team, this is the first big tour I have done with them. And, besides, this is the first time I’m going with last year’s winner, who comes up with No. In that sense, it is a new experience that excites me very much. The approach couldn’t tell you either, but I think it’s pretty simple.
Have some freedom?
No, no, before trying to get to personal things, the mission is to try to win a third Tour with Tadej. From there, the race puts each of us in its place. Also within the team, everyone has to be honest and see how far their level reaches at each moment, at each stage or in each week. Give the best you can. The key is to try to take advantage of each other so that Tadej can get that third attack.
This will already be his fifth tour, but last year…
One from last year I don’t even count. It was speaking ill, a prostitute. But hey, these are things that can happen and to get rid of the thorns of what happened this year and make the most of it.
Did you feel like you needed a team change?
Yes, I needed a change. In the sense of new challenges and new illusions. He was in Movistar for a long time and needed a change of scenery. The truth is that I am very happy with the team I am in.
Lots of news?
Each team has its own methodology and of course I have changed. And planning, a little bit of everything. But above all it is desire, a new illusion. This also helps a lot.
Have you already seen the documentary ‘He Gives Less Thinking’?
No, because I know how it works… I know what sells. I didn’t even want to see it.
In Abandonment of the Giro…
I have been at Movistar for seven years, they have treated me like home. I have got all the results which are in my palms and I am really very grateful. I didn’t want to ignore it. In the end they all teach a lot from within, but we know what sells, the conflict, the bad vibes. I don’t like it either, because there’s a lot of work behind it, from all the runners, all the staff to end up with four brushstrokes of petty discussions that I honestly don’t like.
How’s Pogakar?
On a personal level, he is like any other colleague. He’s very quiet, but then he has the level he gets and the results he gets.
Close, wonderful?
Yes definitely. In the end, everyone takes care of themselves, trains and does everything possible to be at their best. But then there are people who have those two more points. And this is one of those cases. Whatever he wants, he does little.
He is 23 years old and looking for his third consecutive tour.
Those are moments, few. Now many youngsters are coming out who are performing from the age of 20-21 years. In the end you never know how many years they can continue at this level. Right now the level of Pogakar is so high that it has to be taken advantage of.
It’s been four years since a Spaniard won a stage at the Tour (Omar Fraile).
I repeat, the first objective is to work for Tadej and win the Tour. And, from there, the race can put you up with options to win a stage as well. I have seen them above, there is a lot of hardness. I don’t focus on anyone, because it’s a different mindset. I can’t say go for it to catch the escape, because we go with second thoughts. There really won’t be many options, so we have to try to take advantage of that.
Is the Spanish Cycling Crisis That Big?
I don’t feel pressure. I train, I take care of myself, I do everything I can and then if those results are achieved, even better. Right now, for example, Juan Ayuso is starting to stand out. Valverde, Contador, Purito… I think it’s a very difficult time to match. These are moments and maybe once in a while other runners will come across who can’t replace, but will come back to have great results. This goes for something. For example, the Belgians come out every now and then, as can now be the case with Van Aert, Evanpole…
You are in full maturity, you are 28…
[Interrumpe] of course of course. this is the problem. Since they come out at such a young age, they outshine everything. In fact, when the runners started performing, they were 26 or 27 years old. Now come these young people who go so fast… I don’t consider myself so old, but at the age of 20 they run on you.
Did the comparisons hurt you in the beginning?
He didn’t give much importance to it, it was something else from the press or the public. I have trained and already, I have never compared myself to anyone. I’ve been doing my job. Many times it has happened that the results have been very good and others not so much. There were comparisons, but I ignore them.
But his name came next to the name of Indurain or Contador.
They were comparing me to the winner of five rounds… you have to be realistic. I never gave importance to it nor paid attention to it. I wish I did, but…

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