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Tour de France: Jumbo’s perfect strategy to end Pogacar: a sacrifice, two key kilometers and a deadly attack

The Dutch team led the leader’s downfall with their riot from the start and the final blow from the wingguard. Pogakar, the challenge: “It’s not over.”

Pogacar, between Roglic and Vingegaard, during the ascent of Galibier.yoan ​​valatiEFE
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Jonas Wingguard He has already dried his tears and held his breath. The first thing he’s done after climbing the roller to keep the blood flowing to his legs and muscle recovery right is to call Trine Hansen, his girlfriend. “It’s all that matters to me,” he later confesses. His great enemy passes by him, defeated but not defeated. pogakar He too has regained his composure, but his jersey, which is still yellow, still open, his whitewashed and sculpted chest getting air from Grenon. Slovenian winks, half a smile, a touch on the opponent’s leg. Sportsmanship, but also the challenge: “It’s not over yet.” Views of the heroes at an altitude of about 2,500 meters.

A Wednesday for history will be what happened in Albertville in which Tadej Pogakar, for the first time in his career, tasted blood in the mouth of defeat, of lost rivals on his horizon, of punishment in pain in his legs. “I don’t know why, but I have a bird, they bothered me a lot, it could be because of lack of sugar,” he assured. Unprecedented sensations in the double winner of the tour. But what happened was on the roadmap of marijan zeemanJumbo’s sports director, a perfect ambush.

Because the race had already put the cards on the table before the big mountain stage. A rude leader, yes, but with a soft spot for testing. Two pieces of his team, which came under the grip of Kovid, were missing. ‘Isolate Pogakar’ was the mission. So easy to pronounce, only the courage of those who are ready for anything were able to execute the masterpiece of strategy. “If I didn’t try, I was never going to win. And being second is great, but I already did it last year. This time, I wanted to win,” Winggaard admitted.

But for the power of Jumbo-Visma to succeed, another element was needed, a sacrifice. His name didn’t hit the headlines, but the hero was primoz roglik, His fall on the cobbles resulted in a natural selection within the Dutch team and his sense of solidarity did the rest. “What they have done is incredible,” admitted the new leader. After his last attempt, already on the bare slopes of Grannon, he arrived broken after about 12 minutes.

Roglic and Kuss greet each other at the Granon finish line.daniel coleAP

Because it was the Slovenian, who was cursed in the Tour, who drove him away, who started the fireworks. yellow Jacket 80 kilometers from the finish line from the telegraph ramp. Have infiltrated the restless before van Aerte His attack in the flight of the day, accompanied by his companion benut, forced the first United Arab Emirates attempt. He didn’t go very far, but Pogakar only had Mark Soler, For the following winks, he had to answer in the first person. “Jumbo has played it from the start and with a great strategy made the race very demanding. For us, with so many household items, it was very difficult to control”, admitted pogiWho then responded to each paw, all studied.

Because Wingguard and Roslik, who worked in Pimpampum alternately, didn’t do it randomly. Between two and four kilometers, the Colossus Galibier loosens its slope. Attacks on that false ground were not successful, but they did lead to fatal wear. Pogakar was melting without knowing it, while his rivals retrieved the wheel. Because the Slovenian smiled at the camera just before his fall. Wingguard’s last attack was the culmination of strategy. “At the top of the Galibier, Tadej seemed very strong. However, I had many doubts as to whether he was falling flat out. On the final climb, the car told me that there were very difficult ramps five kilometers from the finish. line. I decided that, one of the two, or they made the race suspicious or I attacked everything”. And so it was. If a year ago on Mont Ventoux he already stunned his opponent, this time he overtook him by almost three minutes, the distance from the top one more time.

“We had a plan from the start: we wanted to make the race very difficult because we believed it could benefit Primoz Yam”, summarized the Dane. “We were up for it: we wanted the yellow jersey. So we started with Rogik from afar, because our idea was to poga and hurt the team. I expected to be in the breakaway,” he concluded. van AerteThe only free verse of the true jumbo machine, a summary of a day that will live on in the bicycle history books forever.

And yet, Pogakar’s rebellious character soon gained the initiative, hoping for an extraordinary tour. He has given me three minutes and maybe I am going to give him three minutes. We’re going to fight to the end, I challenged with Galibier, Croix de Fer and Alpe d’Huez before today’s Queen stage.

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