Home Sport Tour de France: Chris Froome’s New Life: From Champion to Water Carrier

Tour de France: Chris Froome’s New Life: From Champion to Water Carrier

Tour de France: Chris Froome's New Life: From Champion to Water Carrier

The British ranks 137th, more than two and a half hours from Pogacar.

Chris Froome in the platoon.EFE
  • Chronic The adventurer Mollema imposes his courage on the first date with the Pyrenees
  • Classification General after stage 14

The idol raises cans from the car and takes refuge in the caboose so as not to get out of control. Chris Froome, who had to learn to walk two years ago after hitting a wall at the Dauphin and breaking his thigh, hip, elbow and ribs, survives as a disinherited on this frenzied Tour. The winner of four editions (the most successful active of the round) appeals to pride and stretches the rope before surrender. On Saturday, in the first contact with the Pyrenees, he finished in 94th place, 17:42 minutes behind the winner, the neerlands Mollema, 34 years old, two less than the British.

“I’m here because I wanted to be a cyclist again,” says the one who was a great rival of Alberto counter, which has now changed its objectives. For him, finishing the race is a triumph. In the general classification it occupies the 137th position, more than two and a half hours behind. Pogacar, a place above Spanish Carlos Barbero and only 19 ahead of the red lantern, the Belgian Tim declerq. His friend Geraint Thomas, another former yellow jersey, is 50, an hour and a half late.

Froome He has been affected by the monsoons of the first week and on several occasions he tormented himself with painful memories, but there he continues to cling to his admirable ability to overcome. “I have my running shoes in the car, so I’m ready for Ventoux,” I joked this week remembering that iconic 2016 climb to the desert mountain of Provence.

He tried to escape, but you failed. The British already have assumed that the present will never be like the past. This Tour shows you that the end of the journey is near. In the Israel Team they await news at the conclusion of the French round. Another veteran, Nibali, also unsuccessful struggle for the escape. Bad times for old rockers.

At least one member of the old generation had the opportunity to show off before today’s arrival in Andorra, where most of the squad live. Before returning to the homes of the Principality, Mollema received the award that the most daring adventurers deserve, those who enjoy riding and solo challenges. Efforts against everyone and against themselves. Supreme work and great mental integrity.

Those conditions that the climber from the Netherlands exhibited yesterday, who surprised his escape companions with an attack with 40 kilometers to go. Glory for a veteran who has already accumulated 11 appearances on the Tour, with two partial victories. A day when Omar friar could not end the Spanish drought. He got into the good break but did not finish his progression. A day in which Pogacar reserved energy for today’s complicated stage, with a downhill finish in Andorra and previous climbs to Envalira and Beixalis. Another torture for the water carrier Chris Froome.