Home Sport Tour de France: an undiscovered Spanish drought in nearly 40 years

Tour de France: an undiscovered Spanish drought in nearly 40 years

Tour de France: an undiscovered Spanish drought in nearly 40 years

No Spanish cyclist has managed to win a podium on the Tour for the third year in a row and Valverde remains the last podium in Paris in 2015.

Alejandro Valverde is entering the finish line.AFP
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who was going to tell Omar ascetic His great victory at Mende Airport on that July 21, 2018 was going to be much talked about. That the slippage of that victory was going to extend far beyond the cover of the next day, the final summary of that Tour won Geraint Thomas. It continues to this day and it will be until next year, unless there is a big surprise this afternoon in Paris. Spanish cycling, the Tour’s not-so-dominant, is experiencing a drought as it is no longer remembered. There are now three editions for Spain without a stage win and no consolation for the now-conventional win Movistar in the team classification—five out of six times between 2015 and 2020—noting that the decline has kept them from competing with that recognition. In these last three years, 19 different countries have achieved partial victories, nine in this edition.

In short, Spain has experienced a crisis of results in the Indita Tour since 1982, a year ago. angel arroyo brought back national cycling with its second place in Paris. In the nearly 40 years since that version, three versions have not been chained without a Spaniard taking up arms. Since then and until Frail’s win in 2018, there were, in fact, only five tours without a national win: 1996, 1998, 2013, 2014 and 2017.

Ayan Izagire in the eighth stage, imanol ervitik Only Alejandro Valverde was able to finish second in twelfth and in fifteenth, losing time to the winner of the podium in all three cases. Ivan Garcia Cortina u Enrique Masso (Both Quarters) Complete, so far, Top 5 Citizens. A rare background that reacts to several reasons: participation is low compared to recent years, many of the best runners (Fraille, Valverde, Castrovijo) have worked hard for their respective leaders and little else to fight for victory. or have enjoyed no freedom. Falls (Solar, Verona) and, apparently, Spain no longer enjoys the great stars that have fed the list of partial and general victories in recent decades.

The general classification of the race also reflects the crisis the Spanish Cycling Tour is experiencing. For the second time since 1998 – the year of the Festina case, which led to the abandonment of all Spanish teams, when fernando escartani It was fourth – no national rider finished in the top six, when Maas lost that spot to Lutsenko in yesterday’s time trial. There have already been six editions without a Spaniard on the podium since Valverde achieved it in 2015, something that hasn’t happened since eight in a row between 1975 and 1982. The post-Indurain quarter (1996–98) was a record in the last four decades. Since the last victory at the General (Contador in 2009), 12 years have not passed before Perico Delgado’s victory in 1988.

And what to expect from the future? Considering partial victories, Spain has enough cyclists with the potential to finish in the Tour during the next few years, although none of them have great dominance of any terrain. Both Mass Sprint and Time Trial will remain off limits. Encountering generals, regardless of what Landas, Mas and even Bilbao can accomplish, the very young Juan Ayuso (18 years old) and Carlos Rodriguez (20) feed illusions, but they are still melons to be opened to the maximum level.