Home Sport Tokyo Olympics 2021: Tokyo Typhoon is named as Flora Duffy

Tokyo Olympics 2021: Tokyo Typhoon is named as Flora Duffy

Tokyo Olympics 2021: Tokyo Typhoon is named as Flora Duffy

I was born in Bermuda, a small Atlantic archipelago with a British Overseas flag, which became the smallest region with a gold medal at the Olympic Games.

Flora Duffy crosses the finish line as the winner of the women’s triathlon.AFP
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It was a sailor from Palos de la Frontera who discovered the Bermuda Archipelago. Climb the Caribbean on Huelva Juan Bermadez With his caravel roared when he found a piece of virgin land in eastern North Carolina. A century later, the English Company from Virginia accidentally landed on the island after a strong thunderstorm that changed the direction of one of its ships.

It was supposed to hit Tokyo on Tuesday, but at dawn changed its trajectory to the north of Japan. Thanks to this, a Bermuda-born woman was able to swim, paddle and win the first gold medal for the 53 square kilometer Atlantic region, bearing the British Overseas flag.

Flora Duffy I finally got it on the fourth attempt. After wearing the favorite sign and failing in Beijing, London and Rio. After many years of training in his island’s railroads and botanical gardens. Duffy won Olympic gold in the women’s triathlon at age 33 and opened two pages in Bermuda’s history: the first victory at the Olympic Games and the least populous country to ever top the podium in the competition.

Bermuda has fewer residents than Ciudad Real or Benidorm. It doesn’t reach 70,000. The last – and so far the only one – in their Olympic medal tally is bronze. Clarence Hill At boxing heavyweight in Montreal in 1976.

At Odaiba Marine Park, Duffy escaped from the dominant group in the foot race, with a time of 1 hour, 55 minutes and 36 seconds, ahead of the other big favourites, Georgia Taylor-Brown of Britain and Georgia Taylor-Brown of Britain. American Katie Zeffers.

“I think all of Bermuda’s going crazy, that’s what makes it so special,” Duffy declared after finishing the race. NS God Save the Queen They are on the podium in Tokyo. Athlete admits British triathlon team tried to recruit him When he was a teenager because of his dual citizenship. “My mother grew up in Burnley and my father is from Barrow-in-Furness, but I was born and raised in Bermuda, where my heart is,” he said.

“I think the medal is bigger than me. It will inspire the youth of Bermuda to realize that it is really possible to compete on the world stage from a small island,” he said.

In his last three Olympic Games, Duffy did not finish eighth (London 2016) despite being the first and only athlete to win three World Triathlon titles in the same year (2016), including the World Triathlon Series, Triathlon Cross ITU and were involved. Xterra titles. A year later, he went a step further by winning the gold medal at the Commonwealth Games in Australia.

“I tried to keep my composure and not let my mind wander to the fact that this was actually happening until the last kilometer of the race,” Duffy said. That was the real thunderstorm that passed through Tokyo on Tuesday.