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Tokyo Olympics 2021: ‘Terminator’ Titmus beats Ledecky and unleashes his coach’s anger in the stands

Tokyo Olympics 2021: 'Terminator' Titmus beats Ledecky and unleashes his coach's anger in the stands

The Australian dominates the North American in the free 400 and is a serious threat in the 200 / boxel, his technician explodes with even obscene gestures / The fourth is a 14-year-old swimmer

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Some of his teammates in the Australian team call him the ‘Terminator’ for a reason. Only someone like the character created by James Cameron can threaten who wants to be the best in history. Ariane Titmus Schwarzenegger has nothing, less physical than him Katie Ledecky, which some swimming gurus wanted to face men in the pool, but its swimming is as light as that of a shark, but dangerous. Ledecky jumped into the pool and swam in the free 400, as if running from one of them. It was hunted.

A new era begins in swimming, but that doesn’t mean it’s an era without Ledecky. No, the American is 24 years old and maintains an insurmountable defense in freestyle like the 800, but is weak in the rest of the distance. He has fallen in the 400, before the same swimmer, four years younger, who did so at the last World Cup in Gwangju in 2019, and is at serious risk of doing so in the 200. Titmus has more choices out there, while as the American meter grows, it reaches the bottom.

Titmus’ victory and the way it happened caused the Aussies to cheer at the Aquatic Centre, but had nothing to do with their coach’s wrath, with all kinds of jumps and gestures, even Some porn too. Dean Boxall In this way, he becomes one of the characters in these games, a candidate for the ‘trendic theme’ of the social network.

History is not all gold

On the podium, Ledecky did not have the face of the loser. I knew it could happen after suffering it in the World Cup. Her goal is to become the best swimmer in Olympic history and she has options to do so. It’s already up for gold qualitatively, and it’ll be one quantitatively if it climbs the podium in all its tests, five, behind Jenny Thompson, Dara Torres You Natalie Coughlin, awarded the most medals in the history of the Games. In Paris 2024, Ledecky will be 27 years old. Another metal and sacred.

By then Titmus would have grown up, having practically ushered in the aristocracy. Attempts by the American to break it did not work. The Australian, who was already in first place on the last lap, protested, far away from the rest of the two, by practically five seconds, a huge margin. Titmus finished in 3:56.69, separating from Ledecky by 69 cents; li bingjie, bronze, arrived in 4:01.08. The fourth was a 14-year-old swimmer, summer macintosh.

Pete, the beast of the breaststroke

The Australian’s mark was a record for his country and for Oceana, which saw how one of his swimmers, Emma McKeon, bronze, take the podium that day, especially in the 100 butterfly, where one of the heads of the great generation, Sarah Sjostrom, 27, lost his throne at the hands of Canada Maggie McNeil, in the same way that happened with the Hungarians katinka hoszu, of 32, in 400 styles.

Who did not allow the surprise Adam Ptu, the beast of the breaststroke, gave Europe their first win in the pool. Turned into an icon, the British re-validated his title of RO in 100 in which he did not allow anyone to appear. Its water displacement is like that of a large ship, propelled by a very powerful upper body. He won 57.37, the fifth-best score ever, in a Test that holds the 15th best record in history. Silver left it at seven tenths. Another beast at the Tokyo pool on the day of ‘Terminator’ and his crazy coach.