Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020 opening ceremony director resigns over holocaust 1998 jokes

The 48-year-old Japanese comedian, best known for a comedic he was a part of until 2009, today apologized for “his extremely inappropriate expressions” which he made “when he was very young.”

Kentaro Kobayashi, comedian and Japanese theater director.

One of the artistic directors of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games opening ceremony, scheduled for tomorrow, has resigned today after criticism Joking about the Holocaust years ago.

Kentaro Kobayashi, A comedian and Japanese theater director, he has resigned from his position as director of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games due to protests triggered by his “inappropriate” comments, the organizing committee said at a news conference on Thursday. declare. .

The ninth scandal that plagued the Games comes one day before its opening, and two days after The composer also resigned from the part of the music that was to be used in the ceremony, After another controversy over an old interview in which he admitted to harassing the handicapped.

Kobayashi resigned after several Jewish organizations issued protests about the Japanese artist’s performance in recent days. 1998 dates, In which he said “We are going to play Holocaust”.

The 48-year-old Japanese comedian, best known for a comedic he was a part of until 2009, today apologized for “his extremely inappropriate expression” that he made “when he was very young,” a statement distributed by did through. Organization Tokyo 2020.

Kobayashi expressed regret “Not being able to make people smile” and is “outrageous and causing inconvenience”, and believed the best option was to “stop working” for the Tokyo Games.

Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Seiko Hashimoto, said Tokyo 2020 has accepted the artistic director’s resignation just a day before the opening ceremony because all personnel involved in preparing for the Olympic event “must be spotless.”

The organizers are now discussing How to manage the opening ceremony “ And they hope to “reach a conclusion soon,” Hashimoto said.

kobayashi was In-charge of general supervision of the three classes to be held the opening ceremony At this Friday’s Games and according to the organizers, all parties were in charge of “coherence”.

In addition to the musician known in Japan as Cornelius, who resigned on Monday, the former chairman of the organizing committee has also resigned in the past months, Yoshiro Mori, As well as controversial sexist comments, another creative director suggested portraying a popular Japanese actress as a pig at the opening ceremony.

“This is something that should never have happened. These incidents have happened a tremendous impact, So this time we have decided to react quickly,” Hashimoto said when asked about the constant list of problems for the organisers.