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Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games: From ‘Babe de Hiroshima’ torch to sobriety ceremony in the time of Covid

Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games: From 'Babe de Hiroshima' torch to sobriety ceremony in the time of Covid

  • Controversy Tokyo 2020 opening ceremony director resigns over 1998 Holocaust jokes

From Hiroshima to Covid, from the ashes of World War II to the fight against this global pandemic, Tokyo’s relationship with the Olympics reflects that transition well. In 1940, due to the outbreak of conflict, the Japanese capital was unable to celebrate the first Games. When it was finally able to do so, in 1964, it was the capital of a country that saw an opportunity to raise national self-esteem in the appointment, devastated by defeat, the humiliation of its military and the heinous effects caused by uranium and Hiroshima and Nagasaki But plutonium.

For lighting the pan, the athlete was chosen sakai yoshinori , born on 6 August 1945 in Miyoshi, 60 kilometers from Hiroshima, the same day that Little Boy dropped, the first bomb. The last reliever is always a mystery, but the lighting of the Olympic flame will take place today, in a ceremony marked by COVID, that takes away from the colour, sound and fanfare of the Asian stop we already saw in Beijing. If in 1964 there were 83,000 spectators who watched the ‘Child of Hiroshima’ come to the National Stadium, this time only 1,000 VIPs would observe the light in a quiet act, as the door of a house is still in mourning.

The Olympic celebrations became part of an irregular competition, in which it was not the athletes but the organizers who faced each other. Tokyo planned to amaze the world by recreating the tradition of its past with the tools of a technology paradise. Added to the disasters the dismissal of the director of the ceremony, kentauro kobayashi, for his anti-Semitic remarks in his youth. I’ll barely be able to do the latter, though more during competitions. The ceremony, today, will remain in the protocol of parades and speeches, with world leaders represented much smaller than usual. Emmanuel Macron and the American First Lady, jill biden, are the most important. Most, however, will be representatives of ministries, sports administrations or the presidents of the National Olympic Committees, as the case may be. Alexander White.

Japanese society’s rejection

The decision pertains not only to the dire measures imposed by Kovid, as the distance of isolation prevents the choreography. In addition, and in particular, in honor of those killed by the pandemic worldwide, the nearly four million, and the majority’s disapproval of the celebration of the Games by Japanese society. The Way of the Flame has sparked protests across the country, although the personal respect for visitors is total, part of the Japanese nature.

In this context, the presence of the President of the World Health Organization (WHO) at the ceremony is noteworthy. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus , who intervened in Tokyo ahead of the 128th session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to support the Games. The WHO leader did not speak of suspension of appointment as an option, but “demonstrating what can be done if the right plans are implemented.” “We are facing a litmus test,” he said, and took the opportunity to claim from the most global forum that the immunization process is in solidarity of the richest.

1964 opening ceremony where more than 90 countries parade

Therefore, the purpose of the ceremony is to give all prominence to the athletes, who will carry out the respective parades, although the delegations will be more selective, as many participants are not in Tokyo. Protocol requires athletes to arrive in the city five days before competition. If in 1964 members of more than 90 countries marched in the middle of the Cold War and with strong diplomatic tensions such as China’s absence due to Taiwan’s involvement, they would now do so on behalf of more than 200 national Olympics. Committees Instead of one flag bearer, the delegation will consist of two: men and women. to Spain, salt craviotto u miria belmonte, both with four Olympic medals. Of the 11,000 participants in Tokyo, 49% are women.

Hirohito and Shadow

King Hirohito was in charge of declaring the 1964 Games open, after the then president of the IOC spoke, Avery Brundage. Two very controversial figures. The former, reluctant to surrender in World War II until the last moment, received immunity after the ‘Tokyo Trials’, the Pacific Nurmberg, while some of its ministers and commanders were sentenced to death or life imprisonment. The other had a past of association with the Nazis discovered years after their mandate. On this occasion also the present emperor will re-appoint, naruhito, but should not be with the Empress Masako The Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, built on the same location as the old National Stadium. The decision of the Japanese Royal House has a dual message: institutional support for a national project but with discretion due to the opposite popular sensibility.

Opening Ceremony of ’64 Games’

This has also led to a very significant absence from the ceremony, such as representatives of large local sponsors of the Games, from automobile giants Toyota to Panasonic, Bridgestone, NEC or Fujitsu. According to a spokesperson, the Games have a “toxic effect”. The sponsors, however, have met their financial commitments, by contributing €423 million out of the cost of the game at 1,186 million, nearly 2,000 more due to the effects of the pandemic.

sex, back home

The technology is what will try to compensate for the public’s absence at 43 facilities capable of 33 sports, except those that are played along the way, both via broadcast and for athletes, who are fans on the big screen. be able to view the images. . They’ll be the first games available in 4K, 8K even for the privileged Japanese, and the demo’s follow-up to be available in 3D. The sound of other games serves to create an acoustic environment.

The medals that will be hung by those reaching the podium, about 5,000, are made from recycled telephones and telephone sets, a message towards another plague: climate change. They say, 32 kilos more have been obtained from them for extracting silver and bronze. The ‘Child of Hiroshima’ could not be hanged, as he had neither participated in any Olympic competition nor lit the light of hope in it. That’s why condoms are not distributed even in the Olympic Village. Tokyo will have 160,000, but with a recommendation to use them on the way home later. As is clear from the ceremony, Tokyo is a place to parade and compete, not parties or sex.

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