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Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games – live: Day 12 of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, live: Xammar / Rodrguez in wake, for the tenth medal

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games - live: Day 12 of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, live: Xammar / Rodrguez in wake, for the tenth medal

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games – live

Follow the highlights of the Olympic day and the medal options of Spain in Tokyo 2020.

Jordi Xammar and Nicols Rodríguez will fight to bring another medal.REUTERS


07:38 – water polo

Spain is ahead on the scoreboard (7-6).

07:35 – weightlifting

How great are you Marcos Ruiz! New record of Spain for the Spanish athlete with 180 kg in snatch. Waiting for the two times.

07:35 – candle

The medal race starts with a medal option for Spain!

07:31 – water polo

Rest. Another room with hellish rhythm. You can tell that a pass to the semifinal is played here. Spaniards and Americans return every blow. The tie is logical.

07:30 – water polo

What a goal from lvaro Granados for the tie! (6-6)

07:28 – water polo

The Spanish defense completely forgets two American players (5-6).

07:26 – water polo

Very indecisive and fought match (5-5). The Spanish goal is Bernat Sanahuja.

07:22 – Olympic Games

Pau Gasol represent athletes at the IOC. The player of the Spanish basketball team was chosen this Wednesday:

07:19 – water polo

USA scores and answers lvaro granados immediately (4-4).

07:15 – water polo

End of the first quarter between Spain and the United States. Party very balanced. A good end of time allows the North Americans to cut distance with a very strong Spanish team at the start (3-3).

07:14 – water polo

United States ties (3-3).

07:14 – candle

There is less than a quarter of an hour until the medal race of Jordi Xammar and Nicols Rodrguez.

07:13 – water polo

Americans are never far away3-2).

07:11 – water polo

This is from Miguel de Toro! 3-1 and Spain leading

07:10 – water polo

Fran fernndez brand for Spain. Those of David Martin pass in front of them again (2-1).

07:07 – water polo

USA ties (1-1).

07:07 – water polo

The first goal is for Spain. Mark Captain Felipe Perrone (1-0).

07:05 – water polo

Start of match with a lot of ritm but balanced. Both teams defend well.

07:00 – water polo

The athletes are in the water. The decisive match begins for continuity in the Olympic tournament.

06:45 – water polo

Soon the United States-Spain in the quarterfinals of the Olympic tournament.

06:32 – skateboarding

They make history! These are the first female Olympic medalists in skateboarding history:

06:24 – athletics

The morning of the decathlon closes and Jorge Urea goes in the position 12 after the first three tests.

The runner-up in the room totals 10.66 in 100 smooths, 7.30 in length and 13.97 in weight. In total they are 2551 points those of the Spanish.

The Canadian leader, Damian Warner has 2966.

06:15 – water polo

At 7:00 am (Spanish time), the men’s water polo team will seek their pass to semifinal versus United States.

06:14 – program

Do not miss any of the Tokyo Olympics.

Here is the full program of the day.

06:08 – candle

At 07h30 we have the end of candle.

The male partner of 470 formed by Jordi Xammar and Nicols Rodriguez They will be launched in their medal race with the idea of ​​looking for the tenth medal of the Spanish team.


It is a plenary session for him Spanish canoeing.

The standard bearer of the delegation, Salt Craviotto Y Carlos Arvalo placeholder image they achieved a direct pass to the semifinals thanks to a good debut in their first series of K1-200. Both of them seconds left in their tests and go straight to the next round.

Anta Jcome be also in the last frame. The Spaniard won her quarter-final series in C1-200.

Same for Isabel contreras who won his rooms in K1-500 and what is going at the semis.

On the other hand, the Spanish couple of K2-1000 formed by igo Pea and Paco Cubelos won their first series and it goes straight to the semifinal of discipline.

Asier Martnez gets into the final of the 110 m hurdles

Stay third of his semifinal, beat his own record and it goes to the final. Great performance by Asier Martnez in 13.27 seconds about the morning test.

In javelin throw, Odei jainaga, is left over eliminated in ranking and does not reach the final after three unsatisfactory attempts. With a lot of pain in the shoulder, the Spaniard leaves Tokyo 2020.

Jorge Urea begins today its participation in the decathlon with half the tests and Mara Vicente keep up with him heptathlon.

In skateboarding, the 16-year-old coruesa Julia Benedetti cannot reach the final and is eliminated. Big promise of future.

This morning the 10 km of open water swimming in which the Spanish Paula Prez I concluded 16th.

05:30 – START

Good morning! We started the live of the day of the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. Here is a summary of what happened during the night.