Tiger Woods doesn’t want tribute: He’s dressed as a superhero in Augusta

Tiger Woods doesn't want tribute: He's dressed as a superhero in Augusta

He gives his first card of 71 strokes at the Masters and is only three strokes behind Australian Cameron Smith.

Tiger Woods on the first day of the Masters.Eric S LesserEFE
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Tiger Woods Once again common sense, the rupture of so many wounds. He kept his word and did not return to Augusta National for tribute. Woods came on to compete at the Augusta Masters and did the same on day one, producing a result of 71 shots, which was par for the field. A card that is much more than a number.

Two days of storms and a very heavy golf course, with perhaps the most difficult orography of the entire season. Over the past three days, Tiger Woods played only 27 practice holes, enough for the 15-time Grand Slam winner to face a miraculous return 508 days after his last official round of golf.

At 10:29 a.m., the Legend arrived in pink and black, fueling a filled passion of the first day of the Masters. More than $8,000 in resale has been paid to see the resurrection of Tiger. Woods will arrive at the practice area 39 minutes before his start time, escorted by his caddy and four bodyguards; A seven-minute approach before moving into the long game zone where he made a total of 53 shots.


His movements are slow, stuck, it looks like Tiger’s body is weighing him down. He interrupted practice only to wipe his sweat and hug Bryson DeChambeau who whispered something in his ear. Woods took a shot before the last practice shot; Simulating a driver at the exit of hole one, which he encountered within minutes.

It was impossible to get around that tee on hole 1. Suddenly, the turn was already a reality and his first shot was deflected to the right. The first fifteen-foot putt for par ended in the hole and golf reminded us of his era, that atrocity: screams were heard across the state of Georgia.

Woods completed 18 holes as if the time and mark never existed. Gone are the hours of surgery, rehabilitation sessions, pain relievers, which in practice seemed like sluggish movements were turned into fluid and agile swings. Tiger changed, put on his superhero costume and the only thing that matters is that the paw putt is back, fancy shot.

e.g. 1st today the second of 4th, through an imaginary window between trees or fists in the air, as after a birdie on the 16th hole, after a putt of about 10m, or a miraculous cross of 18. The El Tigre lameness started the Augusta Masters with a lap so passably logical errors and only two major failures, bogey on the 8th hole, with a poor approach from 45m and a very poor start on the 18th. Eight fairway hits, 10 greens and 29 putts and left the 46-year-old just three shots behind the provisional leader, the Australian Cameron Smith, Hole 18 was an uproar. Tiger is back.

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