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Thus Sporting de Gijón passed into the hands of a Mexican conglomerate: 42 million, a journalist and many unknowns. LaLiga SmartBank 2021

The Orlegi Group, the owner of Atlas and Santos, bought the Asturian team. Javier Fernández, who decided to sell because of the threat of deportation, had offers from the Spanish and North American capital.

View of El Moline, Sporting Stadium.EFE
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This Tuesday morning, one of the historic Spanish clubs, sporting gizzanobecame the property of a Mexican business conglomerate named orlegi, He replaces the Fernandez family, responsible for a black stage, Too Black, which had already lasted 28 years. After spending most of these nearly three decades in the Second Division, management hit the bottom this season, when the team was close to going down to the 1st RFEF (which was 2B). And it is there, and in the death of his father in February, when it is necessary to start selling Javier Fernandez Which has surprised some football circles, and not a little. For two reasons: first, because of Orlegi’s non-foundation in Spain (although it was already swarming in the process of selling to Zaragoza) and, second, because, according to several sources, there were other offers on the table.

He dies on 27 February Jose Fernandez, the father of current president Javier, who at the time already saw the dangerous drift of the team into the Second Division. With health problems on and off, far from his best emotional moment, the idea of ​​selling the club takes shape. With a premise not always expressed publicly, but yes, at times, in their innermost circle: I have to perform according to the pain I’ve been through from Sporting.

Knowing what the buyer pays, he has to share 33% with his two sisters, the movement begins. Two reputable Madrid firms finalize two proposals during the spring, one with the Spanish capital and the other with the North American capital. In the football corridors, Sporting is valued at around 40 million, although both efforts are set to raise that figure substantially, relying on the ability of an entity such as the historic Asturian club.

Javier Fernandez doesn’t sit with either of those offices and yet, he admits to receiving Orlegi Group, which comes through a relative who lives in the United States. Mexican group The owner of two clubs in that country (Atlas and Santos), he receives a month’s exclusivity to complete the mandatory due diligence and finally closes the sale for just 42 million euros, at a notary office in Calle Goya in Madrid. Is given.Some common characters in Spanish football cause surprise, even numbness.

worry about paralysis

There are many doubts about what is in Gijon now. To begin with the club’s staff, who do not know whether they will keep their jobs, and to continue those of the fans, are waiting to find out whether Orlégie can form a squad with enough financial strength. has come to revive the one who is on the verge of exile. he also has abelardKoch, concerned about the paralysis that has occurred over the past few weeks, and he will be one of the first to meet with the new president, alejandro iraragorri, in turn the chairman of the Orlegi Group. Irragorry to have new board of directors alfonso villalavaGroup CEO, and Martin HollanderDirector of Administration and Finance of the Mexican Group.

They would be the council, but whoever would run the day-to-day operations of the club would be david wise, The new executive director is a 39-year-old journalist (at the time he worked for Punto Radio, Cope or Radio Marca) who was already working for Orlegi. In sports, the visible head would be Gerardo Garcia, a well-known representative of Asturian football players. All unknowns, at most if possible because there are not some who have always heard of Javier Fernandez’s private lawsuits. If I sell the club to someone, it will be someone Spanish with a guarantee of an economic and sports project at the level of this institution.

“The goal is propaganda”

At the moment the Mexican group, at the press conference which introduced this Tuesday at El Molin (around 10:00 pm), named the word that has been taboo several times. The aim is promotion, although we can’t promise whether it will happen today or tomorrow, Guerra said, although the president, Irragorri, wanted to emphasize the value the expression generated, which he reiterated on a dozen occasions.

According to experts, Sporting is one of the clubs with the most potential in the Second Division for several reasons: because it has never dropped out of the professional categories, because it has the option to recover a large amount of facilities (El Molin and Mareo). Is. a potential for development and, in particular, a source of income for its social mass online (and traditional) with which there are not many entities.

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