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Think, Know, Believe On Second Top 25


College Football Playoff Rankings: What I Think, Know and Believe After the Release of the Second Version of the 2022 CFP Top 25

College Football Playoff Standings: Think, Know, Believe November 8

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Sorry if this take sucks, it’s not my fault…

He also doesn’t know how to classify Notre Dame.

This week, on Kicking the Can Down the Road…

I think … Kansas State is the key team in the current round of qualifying.

I know … (4) TCU, (17) Tulane and (18) Texas have NOTHING else on their respective résumés other than a win over the Wildcats.

I think … there are a lot of riddles in this week’s version.

I think … everyone thinks that (4) TCU is better and more deserving of the top 4 spot than (5) Tennessee or (6) Oregon pretends to be smart and/or doesn’t want to be honked at by Horned Frog fans.

I know … once again, TCU’s best win, according to college football playoff standings, came against (19th) Kansas State. Their other win over a currently ranked team was against…uhhhhhh…ummmm…

I think … Tennessee and Oregon each have one loss. Tennessee and Oregon played (1) Georgia. TCU did not. There you go

I think … TCU really is good, and could absolutely go undefeated: at Texas, at Baylor, Iowa State, Big 12 Championship.

I know … no way, no how, NO CHANCE (bleep)ING the College Football Playoffs committee shutting out an undefeated Power Five conference champion for anyone else, no matter what.

I think … TCU is not undefeated. Those same people who are going soft on the Horned Frogs right now will quickly change course to get Tennessee 11-1 past a TCU 12-1 Big 12 Champion.


Top 25 College Football Playoff Standings: Week 2, November 8

I think … until it goes in a different direction, and unless there’s an obvious team to take like 2018 12-0 Notre Dame, the College Football Playoffs committee will put a 12-1 Power Five conference champion in the mini- tournament.

I know … which includes (10) Clemsons. If it does.

I think … maybe that includes Clemson. If he goes 12-1, he will likely have at least three wins over teams that will finish in the final top 25 of the College Football Playoffs.

I think … my conspiracy theory is working that…

I know … the college football playoff committee does not know the difference between (8) USC and (12) UCLA.

I think … the college football playoff committee does not receive the Pac-12 network and has not seen a complete USC game.

I think … (7) LSU is going to be a big decision if they win.

I know … was carried home by (5) Tennessee and lost to (23) Florida State, but if the final kick is made up of a seven-game winning streak at Florida, Ole Miss, Alabama, at Arkansas, UAB (I know, but it’s a game against a likely bowl team), at Texas A&M, and in the SEC Championship against Georgia…

I think … no way, no way, NO (beep) NO CHANCE, the College Football Playoffs committee shuts out the SEC champion.

I think … doesn’t set aside an SEC champion with two losses.

I know … no team with two losses has ever made it to the college football playoff.

I think … It will be a tough sell to two-loss LSU, SEC champion or not, on an 11-1 Tennessee team that won 40-13 at Death Valley.

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I think … (Team A) is 7-2, handing a top-eight team its only loss, suffering a tough final-moment loss away from home against a Florida team, and losing along the way in a good battle against a team in the national title hunt.

I know … LSU is 7-2, handing a top-eight team its only loss, suffering a tough final-moment loss on the road to a Florida team and losing at home to a team in the hunt for the national title.

I think … (13) Utah shouldn’t get the same love and respect (7) LSU is getting, there’s no win over a team like (11) Ole Miss, but it wasn’t destroyed in its own stadium for 27

I think … I am totally lost in (9) Alabama.

I know … came within a whisker of a knuckleball field goal and a field goal for a two-point conversion, both losses, from being the unquestioned No. 1 team 9-0. I also know he was too close to losing to Texas and Texas A&M, but…

I think … As unstable as the Crimson Tide are, they will play for the national title if they somehow make the playoffs, which they won’t.

I think … we’re close to having the Big Ten folks talking about the Michigan-Ohio State loser the same way everyone’s talking about Tennessee, with one loss, being in the college football playoff mix.

I know … the Michigan-Ohio State loser won’t have Tennessee’s resume if he goes 11-1.

I think … we’re all ruling out that 1) Tennessee needed overtime to get past Pitt, 2) Florida State beat LSU, 3) Alabama just isn’t that well, and 4) the SEC is being given a lot of love and respect, just because.

I think … I swear every year there’s a team that has compromising photos of committee members watching other sports at college football Saturday.

I know … this year, that team is (18) Texas, which has a win over a CFP-ranked team, (19) Kansas State, lost to an Oklahoma State team that has done NOTHING since, and lost to Texas Tech.

I think … the committee saw Texas play Alabama, saw a quarter of the elimination of an Oklahoma team that didn’t have quarterback Dillon Gabriel, and that’s it.

I think … college football playoff shouldn’t come down to the thoughts and beliefs of a panel of judges who don’t/can’t understand the entire puzzle of 131 teams and how it all fits together.

I know … the sincerity of the committee in trying to get this right is beyond reproach.

I think … this should already expand, so there is a way to break through.

I think … will be four Power Five conference champions in the College Football Playoff.

I know … there is going to be a surprise in november that will ruin everything.

I think … Georgia, Ohio State, Oregon, Tennessee.

I think … I know everything will be alright.

I know … I think everything will be fine.

I think … I think everything will be fine.

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