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There is a feast against Getafe in Valencia. LaLiga Santander 2022

Santander League 2022 – 2023

Valencia 5 Getafe 1

Gattuso’s team, effective as well as ostentatious play, in two painful beatings of the Azulan team, which did not resist.

Lato celebrated his goal, with Valencia scoring the first of five against Getafe.JC CrDENASEFE
  • Straight That was Valencia 5-Getafe 1

“Football is not a written argument, football is played”. Gennaro Gattuso He knows it, declares it and practices it. Valencia play and crush jetafe Violent and unpredictable as necessary in an exorcism. What is written would say that the team, which was low and far from what it was, could have jumped onto the field with ballast in its shoes, terrified by the constant loss of statues and the need to support a shield. Was nervous about one whose weight was even more. It was what you wanted to be. The Italian has terrified the ghosts and shakes the fear of his squad, which he forms into a fraternity so that he will love and protect this Valencia as it is now, young, mature, but fierce. [Narracin y estadsticas]

What may seem like a problem is turning into a blessing. The ball no longer burns, it is caressed and patiently waits for it to enter. and then. No pressure, no criminals, no complexes. Against Getafe, Valencia were relegated in 16 minutes to destroy Getafe, It was the ball and the goal that didn’t stop falling.

To open Tony Lato crossed by the square of the right hand soria after breaking ale with a cutout. The captain was left alone at the peak of the field, leading to an effective change of orientation from gilman, Grit Lato scored his first goal in the Mestalla as a good Valencian player who keeps a thousand demons inside. this couple Samuel Lino ball cut immediately after hunting in a semi-volley Yunus with which he overcame the entire Azulona defense, and ended castillejo Taking advantage of Soria’s mistake. Valencia haven’t had such a favorable score after a quarter of an hour’s play since 2014. He had not hit an opponent five times since 2017. Because in the second part two minutes of violent shaking, nico in a corner and Hugo Hard He escaped from Duarte to complete the victory, which failed to oversee the end goal. gaston alvarez And it may not be as symbolic as what happened next.

hegemony and hegemony

It’s true that Getafe didn’t raise their heads until they were knocked out, but Valencia was able to swim across the field because it had been long enough for them to miss. With the defense in front of the central circle, he held a two-minute first touch pass to the opposite half before finding a way to finish with a sneaky shot on goal. since hidink Don’t miss a similar offer. He has been sought by coaches, who have adapted to the good results of Bronco and Cupbearer.

Today Gattuso has managed to decapitalize him by joining a group that, even when borrowed, allows him to play his own football, which includes running the ball, facing on the wings, and hitting. It only takes patience and that the storm ends in a goal. Stuck in the last 25 metres, a goal and a penalty, Valencia had scored before the binge against Getafe.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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