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There are Chinese ruling the air

There are Chinese ruling the air

Fantastic drums and jumps in the women’s trampoline gymnastics final. “There’s more tension than in many other sports.”

Chinese Zhu Shuying has won Olympic gold.Reuters
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Climbing to the stands, the Canadian cheerleader drops the drumstick with which she hits the drum, with such misfortune that she hits one of the judges in the back who is scoring the Canadian gymnast who is on the trampoline. jumps. .

The man, like the rest of the judges, in a flashy cobalt blue jacket, jumps slightly out of his chair and looks up, trying to figure out where the flying stick came from.

The cheerleader’s first instinctive reaction, who is part of a jumping gymnast’s technical team, is to hide her head behind the membrane of the drum in shame. Seconds later, he leans half his body on the railing to offer a very Christian apology, clasping his hands. In the end, everything is laughter. Apologies accepted.

The only drum in the entire stadium is the Canadian flag representing Rosie McLennan, double Olympic gymnastics champion in trampoline. In this way Sydney is said since 2000 to pirate the air with the impulse of a rectangular bed (trampoline) of synthetic fabric, which is attached to a frame with steel springs so that its recoil action propels athletes. Do. Like the trampoline at fairs, but with better presentation.

There are double and triple single jumps with and without twists. Bumping back and chest with even trampoline. Gymnasts reach ten meters. Later though, of the 16 women who competed, there’s been a decent setback when trying to fall while standing on the bed. ask the french lee labouse, which has tripped and eaten a curb. Luckily they are lined with a kind of foam rubber.

Despite the falls, the exercises are impressive. American physical education teacher had a great idea in 1934 George Nissen, who invented the game, inspired by the safety nets of trapeze performers in circuses, with which they jump in the air to perform their stunts. Nissan built the first canvas and rubber trampoline prototype using inner tubes.

At the Arieq Gymnastics Center, the Olympic venue that the American visited a few hours earlier Sunissa Lee won the gold and that, the day before, they welcomed the historic moment in which Simone Biles He was retiring from the finals of artistic gymnastics, celebrating the first day of competition in a sport that Spain does not have so much light. It is understood that when counting the only Spaniards in the trampoline gymnastics final, hit spotless, is sitting at a long table, next to the man who has drumstick on his back. She also wears a blue referee jacket.

There is a lot of sugar in Ariake. The use of the adverb of quantity is an obvious exaggeration to refer to a stadium with a capacity of 12,000 people where the public cannot enter because of the pandemic. But there is some stirring sugar in the stands of non-competitive athletes and their staff, as well as in the press boxes. He is the king of this game.

Zhu Xueying and Liu Lingling, with the British Biani Page, who finished in bronze.Reuters

The two women who won gold and silver in the women’s trampoline were born in the Asian giant. Zhu Shuying (23 years old) and Liu Lingling (26) They originate from Beijing’s Shichahai Sports School, one of the largest centers of high performance for young athletes who arrive there as children to crush themselves in taekwondo, badminton, table tennis or all forms of gymnastics. Huh.

In China they call this place the “Cradle of Champions”. It is located in the heart of Beijing amidst busy restaurants and royal residences full of tourists. When Beijing was named the host of the 2008 Olympic Games, the Chinese Communist Party government invested a lot of money in power centers such as Shichahai with the intention of creating authentic personalized sports machines that competed with American athletes. An investment that is paying off just by looking at the Tokyo medal table.

After finishing the competition with the Chinese on top, the gymnast who was jumping at home approaches the press area, the Japanese Hiraru Mori, who was the favorite for the medal, but could not even qualify for the final due to an unsuccessful backflip. “The allure of the trampoline is that the sensations it produces in the air cannot be tasted on the ground. I think there is more tension than in many other sports and it is transmitted to the audience,” says Mori.

The Canadian’s drums stopped long after his gymnast was dropped from the podium. The referee, hit by Ramrod, gets up and leaves without any obvious signs of pain. The stadium is empty. Only Chinese journalists stand for another day to complete their golden history.