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The Wonderful Life of Ricky Rubio’s Rhythm … and Until the Quarter Finals

The Wonderful Life of Ricky Rubio's Rhythm ... and Until the Quarter Finals

Spain sent Argentina to a point guard (five triples), again unstoppable, disappointed with Campazzo and company. Classified mathematically, first place will be played against Slovenia in Doncic on Sunday.

Ricky Rubio against Argentina in Saitama.FIBA
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life in the rhythm of RickyOf his smile, of his basketball, of his ambition, it’s usually amazing. The full Ricky of Spain, the one who ruled the world in China, the one who is now brimming with confidence by hitting a trio killers. Spain is in the quarter but most importantly it is happy. They showed it against Argentina and should confirm it against Slovenia on Sunday to finish first in the group which calms the waters towards medals.

tremors of anger campazoThe torn shirt of his impotence is the best summary of the duel in Saitama, 15 years after that treble. notioni, still many heroes on the park. Argentina still has a loophole to go ahead, beating Japan and not expecting a worst third. But, despite his self-esteem, the basketball that made him so great no longer works for him. He couldn’t find it and against Spain, Ricky and his defence, it was not the most opportune moment.

For Spain, know that its real final is against Sunday doncic -Despite losing both, his classification for the quarterfinals was not in jeopardy-, he found himself facing an opponent who was scratching. Not only are there many pending accounts-25 defeats in 28 games, including the final of the last World Cup…-, it is their own delicate situation, much like China without Argentina, initially humiliated by Slovenia.

Great start from Argentina

So he had no choice but to get rid of the competitive character that had intimidated him. even though his basketball is still far from that, as sheep hernandez He must have lost his magic. At dawn, each split ball was Argentina, with a defense that was like putting a cushion in Spain’s face. All this, together with the inspiration laprovitola On his first official day as a Bara player, he made scariolo The gesture turned (3-12).

Then, very quickly, Ricky emerged, who, of course, is another one with Spain, like the child who smiles again when he returns home. His whole game is amazing, but especially the aggressive confidence with which he moves. With pure shooters’ confidence, they score 11 consecutive points (16-15), three triplets to keep things in order. However, in his first breath on the bench, Campazzo responded by pulling the rope again (18–25). That duality of cold bases was heating up like a volcano.

But everything changed in the second quarter, as if Scariolo had pressed the defense button. after a third lal In what was a bout to warn, suddenly the Argentines cost each basket a life. His wealth was running out without knowing what to do. And to finish it, I came out Chant, which is known to have few holes and is very hungry to do more damage. The halftime honor was now a relief to South Americans.

Marc Gasolo’s Weird Party

On the way back, Willie was still on the court and Abrines He started the second half with a triple. Despite Laprovitola’s efforts, Spain won without a waiver. and weird party Mark Gasolo, who accumulated losses like a youth, engaged in impossible ways. However when Ricky again revealed his talent everything was forgotten. He scored his fourth triple (out of five attempts) and a two plus one to last hoop—which also meant Campazzo’s fourth—which showed the confidence with which he found himself at the same level or higher in these games than in the previous world. handles. Abrins’s mere absence on the horn prevented Argentina’s total blackout.

But Argentina, in which the unfamiliar performance of un Gabby DeckIt was like a boxer playing in the ring. All she needed to make her canvas kiss was the ultimate combination. And it won’t take long to come. Before long he was thinking about his duel against Japan, despite Campazo’s anger. Ricky dedicates the fifth triple to Juancho, in the front lines of the rostrum, with whom he shares the joy of the quiet people. He was going to stay within a single career record (six, against Orlando in 2017). But that was it: 26 points, five assists, four rebounds…