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The versatility of Kroos: axis of Real Madrid, ‘teacher’ in an application and the only one who cleans his boots | LaLiga Santander 2021

 The versatility of Kroos: axis of Real Madrid, 'teacher' in an application and the only one who cleans his boots |  LaLiga Santander 2021

LaLiga Santander 2021 – 2022

The German, retired from his team with just 30 years, gave two assists against Granada. His ‘Toni Kroos Academy’, where he teaches virtual football classes, a success. He has been playing with the same boots for years and Adidas only makes them for him.

Kroos, against Granada.JORGE GUERREROAFP

When he announced his retirement from the German national team at the beginning of July, Toni Kroos (Greifswald, 1990) assured that he wanted “exercise more as husband and father“and” focus on goals with Real Madrid“It was a personal and sporting decision and not something caused by the defeat of the German team in the round of 16 of the Eurocup. In Kroos’s head, despite his meager 30 years, already weighed other things for months.

Now, the stops of selections of the Madrid midfielder are for regain strength in Valdebebas and time at home, with Jessica, Amelie, Fin and Leon, his wife and three children. Also for thoroughly clean your boots, the Adipure11Pro, pristine white with blue stripes, Adidas, launched on the market in 2010 and discontinued in 2015. A shoe that the German brand only continues to manufacture by and for Kroos, a rare sight in a world of football that releases a model on its feet every few months. “I have to play in white boots, it’s a thing of mine. Even the smallest dirt disturbs me. That’s why I clean them and take care of them myself, “he said in his documentary, broadcast a couple of years ago.

Withdrawal with the selection has given him time to recover 100% from a problematic pubalgia, to return to an outstanding level with Madrid (a goal against the Sheriff, another against Rayo Vallecano and two assists against Granada) and to launch one of the great challenges of his career beyond the grass. Because Kroos, Real Madrid midfielder, husband, father, boot cleaner and content creator with a podcast … teacher in his spare time.

The passes, dribbles or shots on goal that he has made with the Madrid shirt or with Germany have been filtered, analyzed and explained in the application of the ‘Toni Kroos Academy‘, a platform in which the’ 8 ‘madridista gives virtual football classes to those who wish it. And, as on the lawn, it does so successfully. In just three months of life, the academy accumulates almost 150,000 users in the application and one million followers in the social network of TikTok, a thread where Kroos hooks young people with his videos of plays, questions and answers.

“My motivation is to share my vision of football in a theoretical and practical way”

Ingenious deception‘,’Tonis drive‘,’Power shot‘,’Dancing with the ball‘… In the virtual academy, the Madrid footballer, who appears in each video explaining the plays, has created a small’football book‘that young players can complete with their own videos that will be analyzed and judged by’ Professor ‘Kroos, sitting in a room with a computer next to him, and by trainers from the team. Real Madrid Foundation. “My motivation is share my vision of football in a theoretical and practical way with people from all over the world “, Kroos explains to EL MUNDO.” During the confinement he began a series of challenges on Instagram for the children to upload them to their profiles, and after many positive videos and messages, the idea of ​​founding the academy came up“, adds the footballer, who does not play the console like other teammates and takes advantage of the concentrations to think new ideas for the academy:” The most important thing is that everyone can use it regardless of their level, have fun learning and improve day by day. “

Furthermore, through this virtual school in which most are children between 8 and 16 years old (a 15% are girls), Kroos has explained some of the details of his day to day. For example, that your best friends within Valdebebas are Lucas Vzquez, Casemiro and Modric, that always eat pasta before each game or even encouraged to explain ‘Toni’s theory‘, on how market values ​​are determined in soccer, among other things. A more familiar and personal profile of the player they call ‘Iceman‘(Iceman) in the dressing room, who has won over his teammates since 2015, on and off the field, and who has sacrificed the next five years of his team to continue his career at the highest level in Madrid.

Your current contract ends in July 2023 and you have to enter those renewals ‘year by year’ that they pose at the Bernabu from the age of 30, but it will not be a problem for Kroos, whose family has already become accustomed to living ‘Spanish-style’ and cannot be seen anywhere other than Madrid.

Reference from elmundo