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The unknowns that cloud Valencia’s future

The unknowns that cloud Valencia's future

Third year in a row away from European positions with some figures selling in June and the Bordles project in the air. Thus closing a season that was played for the Cup.

The players of Valencia were devastated after losing the cup final.EFE
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tears of jose luis gay They all belonged to Valencianism and not only because they missed copa del rey on the final penalty. The club’s future appears gray in the grounds and offices. The final, again a title-winning prospect, has turned a veil this season, which will set off the serious problems that will come to the fore again in the coming weeks.

Europe without

The first is that Valencia is the first to have a series of three consecutive seasons without having played in European competition in the last 22 years. He started the 21st century by playing two Champions League finals, alternating with the Europa League. The spectacle of performance has intensified since the advent of Peter LimWho took two consecutive fourth place in the league at the hands of marceline disappearing from continental football in the next three years.

The Cup was the path into which the club had put all its hopes as every attempt to reach European positions in the league has gone to waste. In fact, with five games, with the difference Villarrealthe seventh that will provide access conference leagueTen points.

Sales: Guide and Solar or Gay?

Without European income, the club has made drastic adjustments to the cost of its squad, which it has reduced to the maximum by using values ​​from the academy, low-cost signings and loans. However, 73 million euros needs to be found to arrive in June to balance the accounts. This makes it necessary to sell some of its players. has gazed gonalo gedes, The Portuguese have had a good season and may leave the club in the summer maxi gomezvery uneven.

But the question is to know what will happen to Jose Luis Gay and Carlos Solar, Both captains, both internationals and with options Qatar World Cup, the contract expires in June 2023 and despite the fact that negotiations have begun for its renewal, the conditions are far from over. And it is that, since the economic proposition was significant, both wanted to wait to see what future of the sport they hoped for, and this was partly explained by picking up the cup at the La Cartuja box.

Reinforcement and Credit

Not only the continuity of the captains is in doubt about the team. Valencia will have to decide whether it executes two pending buyout options: that of the central defender. Omar Alderette and of Hugo Hard, In the case of the Paraguayan international, the club had agreed a mandatory buyout option with hertha berlin 7.5 million if two conditions are met, the club will qualify for European competition and that it will play at least 25 games. Since only the second has already been completed and the first is unlikely, procurement becomes voluntary by June 15.

In the case of Duro, jetafe They put a price tag of four million euros on him, a minimum amount within Valencia’s reach and given the performance of the 19-year-old striker, a key player in the Cup, and the possible departure of other attacking men such as Maxi Guamez.

The economic outlook complicates balancing the workforce, which can only be dealt with once a sale is made and which Bordle deems necessary. If so Alicante’s technicians continue to lead the project.

Bordel’s Continuity

The coach signed a two-year contract and heads for the final stages of the first season, serving in the Cup, but with bitter feelings in the league, where the aim was to fight more vigorously for European places.

Doubts grew in January, when Bordels stopped showing good faith with the club’s management for criticizing the management of the winter reinforcements and the need to sideline a squad that was not good enough to achieve the goal. . an inexperienced defender Kamrtas a midfielder on loan ilex moriba He did not respond to the profile that he had sought, and a loan of Brian Gilo They were a condition of the game management not to forbid Bordles, except for the Sevillians.

Tensions eased by qualifying for the finals and opening a shorter route to Europe, but Meriton He usually takes notes and the technician is also able to verify the difficulties that another year may bring with minimal expense and a goal that will never be Europe.

Both parties set a slightly cumbersome exit to break the contract that binds them before they can terminate the contract.

son of lim

That Bordles, a coach who has become involved with fans, could leave the club, another step in growing criticism of Meriton’s management. ‘Lim go home’ and ‘Peter, go now’ echoed in La Cartuja, where the owner did not participate. Instead his son did, kiat limo, so far away from the club and who admitted to the club’s official media a few hours before the match that he intended to be seen more by Valencia. “Although my father can’t, I hope to be here more often to represent him in the future,” he said, before recalling that his father “sees it every game at 3 or 4 in the morning in Singapore.” get up.”

Lims’ priority is to make the club “financially stable”, but it is still unknown whether they intend to relieve Anil Murthy And involve Kiat more in management.

All these economic and social conditioning factors were concentrated in the captain’s tears. Because no one knows where Valencia is going now or how long it will take to play for a title again. The only certainty is that, wherever and whenever, the fans, the muscles that beat Valencia, hoarse and trembling and who dream of not having a roof, will be there.

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