Home Sport The unique milestone of Vitaly Scherbo in Barcelona’92

The unique milestone of Vitaly Scherbo in Barcelona’92

The unique milestone of Vitaly Scherbo in Barcelona'92

In Barcelona ’92 he won six out of eight possible golds by winning the full individual and team competition, pommel horse, rings, colt jump and parallel bar.

During his ring practice in Sherbou, Barcelona ’92.AP

Vitaly Sherbo He fell asleep a Soviet one night and a Belarusian woke up hours later. Overnight, the Soviet Union officially ceased to exist as a geopolitical reality and subject of international law. Its fragmentation into 15 different countries changed the map of the world, foreshadowing the end of the 20th century and the beginning of a different era in all sequences of human establishment and development. Also, of course, the game changed, with the square of a giant omnivorous sitting in his chest.

The first Barcelona game since the separation of the Red Colossus will confirm this. With particular relevance in gymnastics. The USSR tortured it. Since his Olympic return, in Helsinki ’52, he had won six gold, five silver and four bronze medals, focusing only on the full individual and men’s competition. It is true that they found it quite easy because of the boycott of many countries including Japan in Moscow ’80, the second great power. But, in turn, it was impossible for him in Los Angeles ’84, as he himself led the absence.

Vitaly Shcherbo was one of the great stars of Soviet gymnastics. At the 1991 World Cup, held in Indianapolis, the last major event before the collapse, he received three individual silvers and one bronze, as well as a team bronze. He was 20 years old in Barcelona, ​​he was already married Irina And, like all ex-Soviets, compete in the ranks of the unified team.

I made a record. On 31 July he prevailed in the full competition, ahead of two other former compatriots: the Ukrainians. hryhori masseutin and Azerbaijani Valery Belenki. Forty-eight hours later, on the same day, he won four gold medals on different equipment. A unique milestone furthering the overall milestone of six gold medals in a single edition of the Games. Of the eight possible golds, he won six: full individual and team competition, pommel horse, rings, colt jump and parallel bar.

He dominated gymnastics during 1993 and 1994, although instability in Belarus, which led to an attack on his home in Minsk, and an attempted kidnapping of his daughter, prompted him to move to Pennsylvania. In December 1995, his wife fell into a coma after a car accident and left training. Being fat and drinking excessively. When Irina recovered, she returned to preparation and reached Atlanta ’96, receiving four bronzes, one of them in full competition.

Their best times were over and the Chinese were already ruling the tapestry. li xiaoshuang and russian Alexei Nemov. However, he was still very competitive and was ready for the World Cup in Lausanne ’97. But he broke his hand in a motorcycle accident and opted for retirement. He lives in Las Vegas, where he has a gym. It is not forgotten and every four years its feat is remembered in those Mediterranean, Spanish and Universal days.