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The threatening precedent of 2015 and the criticism of Ancelotti: “We were on vacation” | LaLiga Santander 2021

 The threatening precedent of 2015 and the criticism of Ancelotti:

Madrid lost their first game of the year, to Valencia, and broke off after 22 consecutive victories. The distance with the other candidates was not comparable but there are coincidences

Ancelotti is booked.Juan Carlos Hidalgo placeholder imageEFE
  • Chronic Madrid falls in Getafe due to a Militao error

It is very unusual to see Carlo Ancelotti lose the serenity that characterizes you. He has boards, many, and he has mettle, although the sensor of his emotional state is the eyebrow that rises and falls. In the Coliseum, however, you didn’t have to notice the details of his face. The anger of the Italian in the band was evident from the first minutes, something that did not seem justifiable just because of the error of Militao, when practically the whole game was about to be played. By his gestures, on the other hand, it did not seem to be the beginning of the duel, but the end.

Ancelotti undertook it with the fourth referee, whom he insisted for Getafe’s tickets, intense, hard, although nothing that went out of the expected script against a rival in need or that his Madrid had not faced other times. Perhaps his memories would assail him, the worst in his two steps through Madrid. In 2015, months after having raised the Tenth and starting another course as a battleship, he returned to the League, on January 4, with a defeat against Valencia (2-1), a prelude to a collapse whose only explanation seemed to be in a squeezed eleven. He finished that year sentenced at the Bernabu against the same team (2-2) and sanctioned because, two days before the end of the competition, he made fun of the referee Clos Gmez, by applauding him in his face, after a helpless exercise of his own. Yesterday, I left the Coliseum sanctioned with a yellow, very angry and without even saying hello to Quique Sanchez Flores, on the way to the locker room. Fate is capricious.

Ancelotti did not want to remember and justified his protests in the fact that the referee Melero Lopez He would not have previously admonished Quique Snchez’s footballers. This is not the time to summon ghosts. He referred to the poor response from his team, which according to the Italian technician, was still on vacation. No more.


The situation is not like then, it is true. Despite the streak of 22 consecutive victories at that time, the biggest advantage that the white team managed to get in the League over Barcelona was four points, on matchday 15 (39 compared to 35). Now it is different. It multiplies it by practically four against the Catalans, although with one more game, and by three against the rojiblancos, who had also just won the previous league then, although the weight of the European final in Lisbon, resolved in favor of Madrid, it was qualitatively incomparable.

Now Madrid has a huge margin over the other great candidates, but the question remains whether its players, the main ones after 30 years, will resist without rotations or whether the Italian will opt for them, precisely when the level commitments accumulate. for the white team in the coming weeks. The Italian used them at the beginning of the season, until the Sheriff’s scares, in the Champions League, and the fall in Cornell, against Espanyol. Since then, in October, Madrid had not lost, with a very fixed eleven. In Getafe, it did it again, without the losses due to Covid reducing its structure, beyond the loss of Vinicius, today a key footballer. In the last three league games, if we count the advance against Athletic, they have lost five points.


I am not worried that the streak will be cut, Ancelotti said, quite certain that the defeat was due to a circumstantial problem, not a change in trend. Preparing these games after the Christmas period with players who travel abroad is not easy, but talking about this would be looking for excuses and I don’t want to do it. We haven’t played well, we didn’t deserve to win, although I don’t think we should lose either, he said.

We have not been the Madrid before Christmas, with less concentration and commitment, and I already warned the footballers of this yesterday [por el sbado] after training. Surely, this is a wake-up call for a team that was still on vacation. It is possible that the coach was too, he insisted, although he quickly wanted to turn the page to what happened at the Coliseum. Debating excessively can raise doubts that the team does not have. Or did not have. This has already happened and we look forward with great enthusiasm, because we are leaders and we are motivated for what is to come. And because they are from a long distance, not like in 2015. Away from the League, there is no doubt about it either: Bara in the Super Cup and PSG in the Champions League.

Reference from elmundo