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The strange rule of silence that surrounds Simeon: “It’s not nice to speak ill of him.” LaLiga Santander 2021

The strange rule of silence that surrounds Simeon: "It's not nice to speak ill of him."  LaLiga Santander 2021

in the last week, Fernando Torres He recalled on his social networks something that appears to be something from prehistory, this time because of the magnitude of Atlético’s current, something normal for a decade. “It’s been 20 years since the promotion. Let’s remember where we came from to see where we’re going”, launched Rosiblanco through the affirmation of the current youth coach and, in those days, the icon of a fan in need and Hope love love Two decades ago, heaving a sigh, Calderon hurried to his last matches in the Second Division, with Louis Aragons under control

It is also pertinent that, in the context of the issue to be addressed in May 2008, Xavier Aguirre On the bench, Atlético managed to qualify for the Champions League qualifier (4) and were left behind because of the desert, almost celebrated like a title. The opportunity, it was logical, deserved it.

But football and life move so fast, and a memory so fragile, that today Atletico, after the most glorious decade in their history (not even a year ago since they won the league), lives with that strange sense of anxiety. Is. There is not yet a guaranteed ticket to the next Champions League. With a hangover of an erratic and intermittent course, ever since Simeon opened the water for the team to cross the ocean for the first time, the identity and spirit that the coach instilled in his team on those Christmas 2011, He has disappeared several times. 61 points is the lowest button at this point in the league (one less than 2020). Against 41 targets underscores a vulnerability that is difficult to predict. “It hasn’t happened since I came here,” he assured jan oblaky After falling in San Mames. Enter another negative record, with 15 losses, four games.

Questions and debates about the legitimacy of the speech and the methodology of Simeone, who faces his 36th derby as a coach this Sunday (he lived seven as a player and lost all), on the road Huh. Thanks to his undisputed victory, Cholo has fallen a bit short of Atlético’s shield. The position of the club with respect to its coach has remained steadfast and steadfast. In part, for this reason it is difficult (impossible for this newspaper) to find names and surnames with origins and red and white tradition, which leaves some criticism or complaint of the best coach in the club’s history. Or, at least, that they openly and publicly question the patterns set by him.

For this reason, here is the question that is no longer so uncommon in some gatherings among athletes. Above all, to the sound of beer and gin and tonic, excited: is the end of Simeon in sight?

“I don’t see the end of Diego”

Few people know better than him PepeEaster, his press officer for 15 years. “As you get older, any end is closer. But I don’t see Diego. Beyond the fact that the course has had its ups and downs, also because the expectations were great. While the atmosphere, the club and the The team is facing, I can take things out of that.”

And he reveals some clues about suspicions about Atletico’s most successful coach. “I have noticed that there are more outsiders than insiders who want to leave him, because he has disrupted the dominance of Madrid and Barcelona. ‘Let him go, he is going to break our balls,’ they will think. “

Pascus also looks back. “When we arrived at Atletico, there was a group of very beaten players. They found in Simeone a guide, a reason, a way to understand how they could show what they had. We all have a birthday and the matter is over. Happening. There are people out there who are tired of faces, so I don’t doubt the debate. But Cholo was the champion with this group a year ago. The more you grow, the demand grows. And Atletico move at such a pace has risen, and taken such a height, that few things seem less”, resolved the Argentine as he prepared his coffee.

robert fresnedoso She was a participant in that magical double and today she is one of the mattress legends. The authors of that goal at Camp Nou (1996) say, “Cholo has earned the right to decide his future. Despite the irregularities of the course, the results are still there. Many teams would like to stay in Atlético’s position.” ), of which only the bankruptcy of Caminero is remembered. “Weakness is inevitable over the years, but it’s very well managed. When teams play at the behest of the coach, they get exposure. There’s probably a profile of players who find it hard to understand that type of game.” It takes time,” she suggested.

“We have Simeon for a while”

He also knows Simeon the former Rosiblanco. Gabby Moya, because they shared a dressing room in Sevilla. “We have Simeone for a while. His offer is still very firm and we have to thank him for all the good things that happened to Atlético. The team has been irregular in the league, but they fought in Europe. But this time Winning the league would be unimaginable and he has done that twice.”

There are no public cracks outside the walls of the metropolis. Journalist Vincent Walls, the recognized rojiblanco supporter, closes the ranks. “It’s hard to pretend to win every year. It’s normal for everyone to have good and bad seasons. Those are the streaks and we’ve had a little bit of bad years. But they’ve brought consistency and a sequence of successes with which they’ve had has earned the right to obey”.

journalist and writer John Louis CanoA member of the select Atlético group Los 50. “I’m a Simeone supporter. I don’t believe in cycling. Teams go through streaks and Atletico are in bad shape. Diego can be wrong, like everyone else in life when we make a decision. But he’s very intelligent and Regulates time like no one else. I consider it an artificial dispute”.

This newspaper also contacted milinko pantik, who politely only wanted to talk about today’s Derby. “It’s an important match for us. It doesn’t matter what one or the other has won so far. The derby is different,” said the iconic player, away from any controversy and debate.

“It’s Normal That People Are Tired”

But here. Another very different thing is that it moves between the shadows. Out of the spotlight and microphone. No name or surname. “It seems that speaking ill of Simeon is not well viewed, but maybe the message doesn’t get through anymore. He did a great job with a small team, but now … it’s normal that people talk to him. Tired, although it is unpopular to speak out loud”, admits one of those voices who prefer to remain anonymous. “Which big team would want him on their bench?” he adds.

“El Cholo has created a very armored environment. It’s nothing new that many people get bored of playing this way and there are names like pony stone either marceline which can be optional. The allegiance between Simeone and Atlético is mutual”, caters to one of those men who prefer to hide their identities.

A kind of spiral of silence around the figure of Diego Pablo Simeone, which has become the image and reference of the club. He still has a contract until 2024, at a rate of just over 20 million per season (doesn’t matter whether the team enters the Champions League or not). A man with the wrinkles of time. A character rooted in the history of Atlético.

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