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The story of Xammar and Rodrguez, bronze in candle: “My parents did not want me to compete”

The story of Xammar and Rodrguez, bronze in candle:

Children of athletes, they got together when Rodriguez had already abandoned sailing and was preparing to work as a dentist in Holland. “We are not stars and winning a medal is very important. The pressure we have suffered has been amazing.”

Xammar places the bronze on Rodrguez, this Wednesday.Gregory BorgiaAP

He had bludgeoned the boat once, twice, three, four, and even five times just across the finish line. He had turned him around in the water to get on his hull and shout to the other Spanish sailors, who were applauding him from the dike. He had dropped to the ground when he reached the pants. He had cried like a child. He had hugged the whole team, had sung “Champions, champions” with them, had briefly called his girlfriend CarmenHe had asked for water, a lot of water, and had even talked to the televisions and radios.

After winning bronze in 470 at the Tokyo Games, Jordi Xammar He had done many things when he reached the mixed zone, and yet he was still shaking. His nervous hands confirmed that behind the joy for the podium was something else.

“Yes, what I have experienced this week … The pressure I have suffered has been amazing. I was going to sleep, I opened my eyes and my head began to ‘you, you, you, you, you, you‘, to turn everything around. We are not sports stars, we are normal people who have worked all our lives to be in the Games and, of course, winning a medal is something very important. There is a huge leap between being a medalist or not. As I already made my debut in the Ro Games, I thought I was prepared for this, but … What if the medal escaped me? “, Xammar acknowledged, that this Wednesday he woke up in Enoshima with a nervous wreck.

“I love to compete”

Before the decisive race, the medal raceWhat a double point, admit that you had spent a quarter of an hour brushing your teeth, thinking about what might happen a little later, and demanding a moment of silence to meditate and concentrate. He, a hyperactive guy like few others, the protagonist of a thousand adventures, capable of going to Indonesia to help after a tsunami or to rescue a lost hiker in the Sierra Nevada, was suddenly paralyzed. “Now I understand my parents,” he commented and developed.

“My parents came from the world of competition, motorcycling, and they did not want me to compete. They wanted me to play sports, learn values, but not compete because they knew these feelings, they knew that this is very hard. But I love to compete. Since I was very young I have wanted to compete and I have wanted this medal. I remember that, when I was 11 years old, after the 2004 Athens Games, it came Natalia Va-Dufresne to my club, Club Nutico Garraf, to show us the silver medal and I thought: ‘I want that’ “, recalled Xammar, son of Pedro Xammar, who raced in 250cc and was a teammate of Sito Pons. By his side, his companion Nicols RodriguezHe was much calmer, his usual demeanor, the usual contrast.

Since they both met competing in Optimist for Spain, they hit it off because of that: one was the storm, the other, the calm. When, after the Ro 2016 Games, Xammar called Rodriguez to join him in 470, he did not hesitate because he knew chemistry. “I did nothing, five years ago, I had abandoned sailing and was sailing to Holland to work there as a dentist, my profession. When he called me I thought it was my last chance to rejoin the sport. Being here seems like a dream, a dream that I had already given up for lost, “recognized Rodrguez, who was already calculating the seafood dishes that will come,” many “,” and the barnacles, and the beers, and a rice with lobster with my mother. ” “As soon as I return, I invite her,” he said with a smile similar to Xammar’s.

Just one point

Like him, he started sailing as a child, in his case in the Nutico de Vigo, and as he came from a sports family, but in his case more related to the sea. His grandfather was a commander of the Navy, his mother sailed and his father was a great fan of sport fishing. Before the Ro 2016 Games – to which Xammar attended with a teammate from his club, Joan Herp– Rodrguez went to Las Palmas to try to qualify with a Canarian skipper, Nahuel Rodriguez, but there was no way. So he left him, finished his degree in Dentistry and arranged a move to the Netherlands – where his girlfriend is from – that would never arrive. Xammar’s call changed everything.

“It was all very tense. There was a moment when I thought: ‘I don’t know, I don’t know'”, Rodrguez accepted about the medal race, which for a moment resembled the disasters experienced by the 49er classes on Tuesday. They start third, with five points over two two, the New Zealanders Paul Snow-Hansen Y Dan Willcox and the british Luke patience Y Chris grube, and in the last leg of the regatta, one of them, was placed in front.

Snow-Hansen and Willcox were only one point behind Xammar and Rodriguez, only one square from snatching the podium, and each maneuver was more tense than the last, each wave higher than the last. In the end, the Spaniards crossed the finish line in fifth place, which they needed, and they were finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. “I feel relief, I feel happiness, I feel … I don’t know what I feel, I don’t even know what I’m saying,” Xammar acknowledged, still shaking. The competition is very tough, even if you win the medal that will change your life: his parents already told him so.