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The story of international Antonio Serradilla: “Decide to have my eye removed and I’m happy”

The story of international Antonio Serradilla:

4 months in the past, the lateral was recognized with choroidal melanoma and has already returned to coaching. “My goal is to return to the national team. I have lost peripheral vision, but I can regain my level”

Antonio Serradilla with the protecting glasses he makes use of now.RAQUEL MANZANARESEFE
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“It was after a game against Guadalajara, at the end of March. I got up from a nap and saw a little blurry, but I didn’t care. I thought it was some nonsense. It took me four days to go look at it. They told me it could be serious, they referred me to the hospital and there they already detected choroidal melanoma in my right eye, a tumor under the retina. I went for treatment in Seville, my city, where they did a lot of tests to confirm the diagnosis and in the end they told me that I had two options. The first was to follow a long treatment that would allow me to keep the eye, but with reduced vision and the possibility that the tumor would reappear. The second was directly to have my eye removed. I decided that the second best was and I am very happy with that decision. “

Antonio Serradilla He was one of many younger individuals known as to cowl the casualties of the very best technology of Spanish handball –Ral Entrerros, Joan Caellas, Viran Morros, Geden Guardiola, Dani Sarmiento…- when a prognosis, choroidal melanoma in the best eye, compelled him to go away the tracks. Two years in the past, with solely 20, he had made his worldwide debut and together with his two meters a place within the protection of the post-Tokyo 2020 staff appeared his, however for a couple of months his objective was totally different.

“Handball stepped aside, health was the first. At my club, Logroo, they understood that I was going to Seville to be closer to my family and luckily I did it because the first days were very hard. It was quite bad. I was bleeding a lot, I got dizzy, it was a complicated process. Then when I started to feel better, to do a little exercise, I already got it into my head to go back to the slopes. I remember one day I started playing games. ping pong with my brothers and I was very happy because I realized that I hadn’t lost my reflexes, that it was a matter of getting used to it. And, well, that’s what I’m doing. “

As a result of if Antonio Serradilla was a promise, he nonetheless is; as a result of the cease due to the illness was that, a cease. On July 26, simply 4 months after that nap, the winger returned to coaching with Logroo, final week he performed a pleasant and subsequent Saturday 28 he’ll be capable of take part within the first spherical of the European League – the previous EHL Cup. -. The technicians guarantee that the shortage of the best eye will not be noticeable within the actions, though it’s the time through which he couldn’t train. The primary distinction on the observe is, in actual fact, that you could now all the time put on protecting goggles.

“The way I play has not changed me”

“But they are above all to protect my good eye: now I cannot have any accident in that eye. On the track the sensations have been very good, much better than I expected, everyone congratulates me. I feel slow, of course. Physically I have a lot to improve, but that does not worry me because it only takes hours, I will recover it in time. The way I play has not changed, although I cannot deny that I have less peripheral vision, that I have to turn my head a lot. I can get used to it. “

Earlier than choroidal melanoma, Serradilla’s development had been as quick as the present handball scenario in Spain permits. Satisfied in his college, the Escolapios de Montequinto in Dos Hermanas, to go away soccer, at 18 he was already the highest scorer within the First Nationwide with the Montequinto Handball and the chief of the protection of the youthful Spain that was runner-up on the earth. . In Guadalajara he was in a position to make his debut in Asobal and solely two years later, already an absolute worldwide, with Logroo he was going to make his debut in Europe when the covid and the financial scenario of the membership stopped him. This 12 months, after his sickness and restoration, the whole lot is prepared.

“My goal is to return to the national team, I can regain my level. I hope to have more opportunities and I feel very attached to the team. During this time that I was not playing, a lot of people were interested in me: the coach called me several times, Jordi [Ribera], I was talking regularly with Ral Entrerros, who helped me a lot. I suppose it will cost me and I will have to fight it, but I want to be there again. “