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The ‘staggered’ contract that Bara offers Dembl to continue: he will charge based on his health | LaLiga Santander 2021

 The 'staggered' contract that Bara offers Dembl to continue: he will charge based on his health |  LaLiga Santander 2021

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If your physique allows it, you will enter almost the same. If not, the savings for the club will be considerable

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Second chances are seldom given to ordinary mortals. Let’s not talk about thirds or fourths anymore. Since he arrived at Bara in the summer of 2017, initially as plan A to alleviate the flight of Neymar to PSG and, at that time, as the most expensive player in the club’s history, Ousmane Dembl he has practically been burning them one after another. Therefore, it is very difficult to say which way you are going at this time. What does seem clear, by all accounts, is that this is his last train. For better or worse. His contract ends on June 30. And, for now, there is no progress in its renovation, even though Xavi He is completely convinced that it can be a key piece in your project. If he himself, of course, also believes in it.

Throughout these five seasons that he has already been in the Bara, Dembl he has earned a more than deserved reputation as a crystal player. And that, as much as its quality is undeniable, is a drag. If we look back more than 20 years in time, we will see that Jari litmanen something similar happened to him. After a brief stint at the club, which paid about four million euros to the Ajax Due to his transfer, and spending more time in the nurse than on the lawn, he could not stay more than three years in the same team. It was no use always landing in his new home with the letter of freedom under his arm.

The French, meanwhile, continues to predict a great future, but injuries are there again and again to trip him up. In fact, he has played 120 games with Bara, but 102 has been lost. That is, the 13 injuries suffered have caused him to be absent in almost 50% of the appointments. For that reason, in the Barcelona entity they are convinced that they will be able to seduce him so that he renews. Offering you, in this case, a ‘tiered’ contract. What is meant by ‘staggered’? Well, if his physique does not play more tricks on him, he will receive practically the same. Otherwise, the savings for the club will be considerable. That is, the footballer’s salary will not be calculated based on his performance, but on his health. The more matches he was able to play, the more he would perceive.

Sign up Dembl no cost is a poisoned candy. Above all, because you will have to offer him a contract that is succulent enough to sign it at face value and also pay him a succulent transfer bonus. Knowing that, at any moment, his muscles can knock him out.

That restriction can play in favor of Bara. As is also the fact that Xavi has not hesitated to give him his ears as soon as he has had the opportunity to do so. “For me, Dembl, in his position, well worked, he can be the best in the world in his position. He has to be happy, we have to work for him, but he has conditions to be a world star. It depends on him, we have to help him and its renewal is a priority, it is clear, “he said in his presentation. “I had a talk with him, I made my position clear to him, how important it was for me to have him in this project. Now, it depends on him and his environment. He tells me that he is happy and I hope he can renew, because he is a player capable of scoring. differences in the coming years, “he stressed yesterday at the press conference.

At the moment, support from the fans

All despite the fact that, in a Bara in which Xavi wants to re-impose a series of rules, an order, in his opinion essential to return to the path of success, Dembl has already starred in at least a couple of important lapses. The first, when arriving a little later than the indicated time to participate in a training session. And the second, when they had to call him on the phone to come to another session that the footballer believed was going to take place in the afternoon. The stands, for now, seem more than willing to forgive him everything. Thus can be interpreted the resounding ovation with which he was received after he took over from Demir on the right wing of the Barcelona attack last Tuesday against the Benfica. The French winger responded by signing electric shares. One of them, a measured cross for a header by Frenkie de Jong very opportunely countered by the opposing goal.

Xavi, however, knows that you have to be patient with him. His explosiveness is both his best asset and his curse. “He’s fine, physically he’s fine. We have to be careful, he wasn’t 100% the other day and he made an effort for the team. He showed tremendous involvement and commitment and we have to take care of him,” the coach reiterated. His last train, however, has already begun to pass. AND VillarrealThis Saturday is one of its first stations.

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