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The spirit of Marcelo, Ancelotti’s hug and a league party at Bernabeu 15 years later: “I don’t want to talk, I want to celebrate” | LaLiga Santander 2021

The spirit of Marcelo, Ancelotti's hug and a league party at Bernabeu 15 years later: "I don't want to talk, I want to celebrate" |  LaLiga Santander 2021

Marcelo, moved clear, picked up Madrid’s league number 35. Ancelotti won his first Spanish tournament and finished manned. Bale, the only person in the squad who didn’t go to the Barnabu.

Moderated by Ancelotti, Team.Chema MoyaEFE

santiago barnabu wore 15 years old Something strange that accumulated in a club, without celebrating a league title 34 Championship Spaniards in their showcase. Capello’s Leaguestraw man, comeback, almost dramatic involved 3-1 Majorca To raise the cup in the capital. He was 2007, Later they would reach number 31, in 2008 in Pamplona, ​​32, in 2012 In San Mames, 33 inches 2017 in Malaga, and 34 inches 2020Due to the pandemic in Di Stefano.

therefore league number 35 brought ecstasy chamartini, in the midst of a fight Championsat comfortable 4-0 Spanish And the title served as a party in the middle of the war. Gain strength and celebrate to face Wednesday’s Duel Manchester City, Very difficult, with the restraint of the work done. Also giving thanks, and in what way. fans surrender marceloThe captain on the big day of the league, first modrikwho went with casemiro The only starter jumping from the start, first Benzemawho came out in the second half and scored the goal, before ancelottiThe one who finally won the LaLiga…

,champions, champions…..” after 1-0 Rodrigo Barnabu began the ceremony. they did it after cheers Rafael Nadalwho kick-off, already Cristiano Ronaldo, was recalled during the 7th minute of the match. Party from there. The Brazilian goal caused one of the most exciting hugs of the afternoon. Instead of celebrating the goal with its author, Luka Modric He turned to Marcelo, who had assisted, and put his arms around him. One legend who left the locker room at the end of the season and another who continues to guide the team. The Brazilian is already the player with the most titles in Madrid’s history: 24.”Marcelo, MarceloBarnabu shouted.

Change came in the second half, applause for Modric and Benzema, two more goals.”how can I not Love You,Discord! Bastard! say hello to champion,come on, stay!” And one final whistle for Madrid history. Marcelo knelt on the pitch, cheered, and a crowd of players began to jump around him. The team’s assistants did the same. ancelotti Around the Italians, who hugged their work team one by one and finished the blanket. It was their fifth league in a fifth different country. Enough records. I especially thanked him a I hug Courtois, Benzema and MarceloBasic pieces on and off the field.

,lots of emotion, We have faced a challenge. The season has been great, we have been very consistent, we have been consistent… I have to thank the players for their work and their attitude. Today we have to celebrate, not talk. i want to celebrate“, declared ancelottiThe day he achieved a record in five major leagues: “It fills me with pride. I can say that I love what I do and it means I’ve done well enough. I’m proud. I’m proud of the title.” I want to continue winning with Real Madrid”

“Classic Post-match”

“It is a great pleasure. We have won as soon as possible and it is everyone’s job”, commended Marcelo, who “SacrificeOf his peers: “It is the fruit of work, joy, sacrifice and much more. It is best to celebrate it with fans.” And I promised the liberal party, “Today we have to celebrate. We have an important game ahead, but there’s nothing wrong with celebrating well.”

Marcelo and Benzema walk up to the box for the League Cup, they lift it right Next to Rubiales and Florentino Prezzo And they returned to the grass to celebrate with their companions. The Brazilian, already alone and almost in tears, raised the glass to the Madrid sky. It appeared that the players were not called and were injured, as praise, jovik or dangerAnd one was missing: Gareth Bale, The Welshman, suffering from back pain, was the only one in the squad that did not go to Burnaboo. Another action that Board won’t like and that turns him back against a hobby that counts down the days he quits and he doesn’t even remember it. Chamartan clapped his hands, cheered dancewho took the baton from Ral and Ramos with the cape and joked praise He lifted the already coveted white chair when he returned against PSG.

,It’s unbelievable to win a league with so many games left, We have put in a great effort this year and we are very happy. We have had a very significant regularity, but above all How did we get over the tough games we had after the Classic?, We beat Celta and Sevilla at their stadium, Getafe here at the Bernabeu”, summarized Courtois, who once again kept a clean sheet and fought for Zamora with Bono.

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